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We will Never Forget – 25 Guyanese who died on Sept 11, 2001


In Memory of the 25 Guyanese who perished on Sept. 11, 2001
WTC burning towers
• Patrick Adams:
Patrick Adams, born December 20, 1939)
Security Officer, World Trade Center – Worked on 80th Floor, Tower 2
Wife (for 47 years): Allison Adams. Left a message on the answering machine
at home informing his wife that he was trapped.  Started Army life as a volunteer. Joined the Guyana Defence Force, where he became personal bodyguard and driver to Brigadier Price. Retired at age 40 as Staff Sargeant. Later recalled and placed in charge of the Maritime Post in Kingston, Georgetown.  Daughters: Belinda, Michelle, Grace, Sandra, Carol and June  Brothers: Kenrick and Dennis   Sister: Jean; 32 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Attended St Cyril’s Anglican School and the Government Technical Institute. Father: Herman Adams  Mother: Lilian Adams.
Rudy Bacchus 
Born May 20, 1953 at Springlands, Corentyne, Berbice); Stockbroker with Nasdaq. Former Vice President at Merrill Lynch. Started his own company: Rudy Bacchus Floor Broker.  Was attending breakfast Risk Water Conference at Windows on the World Restaurant, 107th Floor.  Home: Matuchen, New Jersey. Was ordained Deacon of the Second Baptist Church in Machuten.  Wife: Juana (of Panama)   Daughters: Berto and Carla   Father: Rodwell Anthony.  Mother: Gloria Anthony, formerly of Campbellville, Georgetown.  Brothers and Sisters: Herbert Bacchus, Charles Bacchus, Ian Anthony, Trevor Anthony, Camilia Bacchus, Desiree Anthony and Avril Anthony.  Continue reading

Top 100 Entries – March 2010 to October 2011

The Guyanese Online Blog was started in March 2010.  At the end of October 2011 it had  782 entries and the item views counter was almost 304,000.  Many of the readers are new and may not be aware of some of the popular items during the past 20 months.  Here is the list of the “Top 100” most popular entries. Newsletters have been excluded.  Click the item to view it:-

Top 100 Entries All Time – March 2010 to October 2011

  1. Guyanese Parrots – comedy video
  2. “Go Brave! – Obama” by Singing Francine
  3. Real Old Guyana Calypso – Bill Rogers
  4. Living in Guyana – slide show
  5. TAKUTU BRIDGE – Rupununi. Guyana
  6. Famous People of Guyanese Heritage
  7. Come Visit Guyana – video
  8. Last Lap Lime 2011 – Toronto – Photo album
  9. Bring Back Anansi-Diana Chapman-video
  10. Guyanese on People’s Court                              Continue reading

Guyanese Online Newsletter – October 2011

A panoramic view of the coast of Georgetown taken from the Pegasus Hotel. This is the masthead picture of the October 2011 issue

The Guyanese Online Newsletter – October 2011

Download here: Guyanese Online – October 2011 Newsletter


Here are the contents of this newsletter, covering Elections News, Blog entries, Associations, Guyana Government News, Education, Business, Caribbean and Regional news, Tourism, Arts and Culture and Historical subjects.  There is also a comprehensive list of the 85 new Blog entries for October and the list of the 30 most popular Blog entries for the month.

  1. A panoramic view of the coastline of Georgetown taken from the Pegasus Hotel
  2. Nomination Day…Enthusiastic supporters swarm City Hall
  3. Guyana‘s Elections – Guyana wins – Editorial by Cyril Bryan
  4. October 2011 – 30 Most popular entries
  5. New Blog Entries for October 2011 (Total 84)
  6. Tutorial High School Alumni Reunion
  7. September Rounds Out a Strong Third Quarter – TREB
  8. Heavenly Village Property Management
  9. COFONA continues efforts to ‗revive New Amsterdam
  10. Harlem Landmark Suite Advertising
  11. Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of B.C. – Annual Fall Dance – Fort Langley Douglas Day Celebrations
  12. Godfrey Chin ―Nostalgias – Golden Memories of Guyana 1940-1980
  13. Berbice Chair Advertisement
  14. Guyanese Association of Manitoba, (GAM) Canada
  16. COCKTAIL DINNER & DANCE – December 16, 2011
  17. Cimbux Cultural Extravaganza – November 19, 2011
  18. Buxton Friendship Express – September 2011
  19. COTAB Buxton Group- Boxing Night Dance
  20. City Hall being deliberately sabotaged – Mayor Green
  21. Amaila Falls Hydro Project…Price tag now at staggering US$835M
  22. EU hopes sugar money can go to modernize industry
  23. 30,000-plus ID cards still to be uplifted – GECOM
  24. Ogle Airport expansion ―96 percent completed
  25. Linden-Lethem Road reopens to all traffic
  26. Youths are 46 percent of eligible voters – GECOM source
  27. Guyana Goldfields signs MOU
  28. Two large ferries purchased for Essequibo service
  29. Guyana cops 16 of 28 CSEC awards
  30. First batch of 5,000 laptops arrive for (OLPF) Contract
  31. India launches $35 computer
  32. St Joseph Mercy Hospital Rebuilding Fund
  33. REDjet boasts of customer satisfaction
  34. LIAT shareholders: airline‘s survival under threat
  35. Destination Guyana- Paul Stevenson, President of THAG
  36. Venezuela says gold repatriation to start soon
  37. Hard times ahead for Caribbean sugar
  38. Former Brazil president Lula diagnosed with cancer
  39. St Lucia – easiest place to do business in CARICOM
  40. Jamaica wins three awards in Tourism at WTA
  41. Holness is Jamaica‘s new Prime Minister
  42. Trinidad: Manning apolgises for mistakes
  43. Trinidad Cabinet approves Inter-island Ferry Service
  44. Haslyn Parris: Electoral Conjectures and Governance in Guyana
  45. THE ARTS JOURNAL – Volume 6 Numbers 1& 2 published
  46. Rihanna Beats Madonna’s Top 10 Chart Record
  47. A man from another time…Aviation pioneer, Victor Fitt, is a special person
  48. The Unseen danger of Diabetes – Ad – Dr. Gregory Wong

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Download here: Guyanese Online – October 2011 Newsletter

Cyril Bryan, Editor and Publisher

Guyanese Online – Recent Posts – October 10-20, 2011

Recent Weblog Posts – October 10-20, 2011

Thirty posts that have been added to our blog/website in these 10 days

  1. Hindu Americans Applaud Senators for Recognizing Diwali
  2. Egg and Spoon Derby – by Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth
  3. ACP honors Dr. Aubrey Morrison
  4. Roopnaraine is APNU’s prime ministerial candidate
  5. Samuel Hinds is PPP/C prime ministerial candidate
  6. Publishers: Amazon intends to eat your lunch
  7. Phones: It is Apple & Google vs. the old way
  8. Govt. accused of ‘vicious political assault on UG’
  9. Defectors pose no threat to APNU – Granger
  10. Calypso Cricket video … Sobers, Worrell, Richards etc   Continue reading

CLICO: Duprey bagged TT$1.1b before bailout

Duprey bagged TT$1.1b before bailout

By Stories by Joel Julien joel.julien@trinidadexpress.com

Story Updated: Sep 23, 2011 at 12:48 AM ECT

LAWRENCE DUPREY was paid $1.1 billion from the deposits of CLICO policyholders in the five years prior to CL Financial seeking a billion dollar bailout from the Government.

This was the claim made by Neal Bisnath, the attorney from CLICO, as he sought to tie up a couple of “loose ends” at the Commission of Enquiry into the collapse of CL Financial and the Hindu Credit Union (HCU) at the Winsure Building, Richmond Street, Port of Spain, yesterday.

On Wednesday, Bisnath said Duprey, former executive chairman of CL Financial, was paid a monthly income of $5 million by subsidiary CLICO.

In addition to his yearly income, Duprey was also paid multi-million-dollar consultancy fees throughout the year, Bisnath said. In 2007 Duprey was paid $90 million, Bisnath said then.   Continue reading

Caribbean not faring well in global competitiveness

Caribbean not faring well in global competitiveness


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday September 8, 2011 – Only one Caribbean country ranks within the top 50 of the annual World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index and large regional economies such as Jamaica and the Dominican Republic have seen their rankings tumble several places.

  The report, which was released Wednesday (September 7), revealed that Barbados was the only Caribbean country of the 142 ranked nations that came in above the 50-mark. Its global competitiveness was ranked at number 42, up one place from last year’s ranking. Continue reading

COME BACK TO GUYANA – November 1-10, 2011 – from Toronto


Do we need defined hours of work any more?

Do we need defined hours of work any more?

By Sep. 2, 2011, 10:04am PT   Comments
By now, most people who work in the developed world have gotten used to the idea that the old nine-to-five routine is gradually becoming a thing of the past; plenty of people have shifts that start and end at different times, or they use job-sharing and other forms of flex-time.
Some don’t even have traditional jobs at all any more, thanks to the evolution of the “gig economy” and the increase in freelancing. All of which raises a question that seems even more appropriate with Labor Day around the corner: Are defined hours of work an anachronism that’s holding us back? Or is the freedom to work whenever we want something still reserved for a select few, and/or a trap that causes us to work more rather than less?   Continue reading



By EWALT (WALTIE) AINSWORTH                    07 05 2011

CARIBANNA is essentially the Canadian version of CARIFESTA.  The Caribbean Festival of the Arts, showcasing the artesian skills, the culture,  the music, the wining, the grinding, the smoking, the sexting, the drinking and the eating of the halaal-beef wraps.  It is a perennial love fest between and among the host country, the deep seated Caribbean and the interlocking communities in multi-racial, multi-ethnic Toronto.

Caribbean people live each day counting down for the next Caribanna, planning, scheming, thinking what they will wear, how they look and how it-go-look off Young street or in the playpen now designated to maintain law and order.

Caribanna is the mecca for typee.  Big men, proud men, loud men,  sleep and come while others come and sleep so that they will not miss a event, eyeballing and trying to figure out who is who and whose they are.  Some men come to integrate, others to gyrate while another set, come packing.  Caribanna was never meant to be a proving ground or an arena for settling old scores.  It is about we and how-we-do what we do.  It is about the scholarship, turning the rejections and recessions into new vistas and avenues for change. Over the decades, scores of careers have been launched and cottage industries established.  The secret is about your net worth is influenced by your network.   Continue reading

Canada Guyana Music Festival – Saturday July 30, 2011


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