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Christmas gifts from the politicians – Commentary – Stabroek News

Editorial – Stabroek News – 25 December 2018

There is little peace and good will in the political arena this season. And that applies not just to Guyana, but also to some of the leading democracies such as the UK, France and, of course, the US, to name a few. There is President Donald Trump whose administration stumbled into farce a long time ago, and which has since been disintegrating into chaos. As has become customary in more recent times, lawmakers agreed a short-term spending compromise to carry the government over into the new year.

However, Mr Trump has refused to sign the bill unless the Senate attaches funding to it for a border wall fence. So far he has adhered to that position, effectively partly shutting down the government, and sending thousands of its workers home without their end-of-year salaries. Apparently he does not remember that the Republicans paid a heavy price for refusing to sign a compromise when President Clinton was in office.              Continue reading

Guyanese poet Maggie Harris publishes autobiography

Guyanese poet Maggie Harris publishes autobiography

By Steve Knight, chief county reporter Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kent News  – kentnews.co.uk  –  source link here

Maggie Harris Home page   http://www.maggieharris.co.uk/index.html

An award-winning poet who grew up in Guyana says she hopes her new autobiography will help promote better cultural understanding.

Maggie Harris, 57, who immigrated to England in 1971 and now lives in Broadstairs, has published her memoir ‘Kiskadee Girl’ thanks in part to a £6,000 grant from Arts Council England.

The book explores Caribbean culture as well as the influences relatives from other backgrounds had on her early life.

“As an adult in the UK, my growing up in Guyana played a surreal role in my mind,” said Maggie. “But it also seemed to have no significance for my children and I began to wonder how many children of migrant parents were losing out on their ancestral culture.                    Continue reading

UK youth – living outside the boundaries of civilised society

Editor’s Note:  This article  was written two years ago.  The recent riots in England point to underlying social problems.

  The findings of this study could mirror similar problems encountered in many countries and especially those with  large cities. These are really frightening social issues in an age of instantaneous communications, that if not being properly addressed, could unravel the fabric of society.

Feral youths: How a generation of violent, illiterate young men are living outside the boundaries of civilised society

Last updated  on 19th September 2009

In January 2009, Gordon Brown called for a ‘national crusade’ to break down class barriers; he was even contemplating making it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of class.
The first time I saw Tuggy Tug, he was standing on a street corner in Brixton with half-a-dozen other 15-year- old boys. They were scowling at anyone who walked past
Every now and then, they shrugged up their hoodies to make themselves look more threatening. ‘Everyone who bumps into us says sorry,’ boasted Tuggy Tug.
His tracksuit was so big that he seemed lost inside it. Under his black hoodie, he wore a red one – in case he needed a quick change of identity.   Continue reading

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