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Guyanese Online Newsletter – June 2011


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This is the latest edition (# 16) of the Guyanese Online Newsletter.

This newsletter has 19 pages and contains many articles and advertising of events by various Associations in the USA and Canada.

Page 1– Masthead : Parliament Buildings.  Guyana Independence – 45 years Celebration.

Page 2- Editorial: “Guyana’s Development – Taxation Reviewed.” By Cyril Bryan

Page 3– Guyanese Online Blog Page: Blog entries for May 2011;  Top 20 – most popular entries for May 2011;  Nostalgia 375 by Godfrey Chin: celebrating GT&T 1991-2011.

Page 4-9 – Association News – various advertisements of events

Page 10-12 – Arts and Culture News

Page 13-14- Historical Articles.

Page 15–16 – Guyana News.

Page 17– Tourism

Page 18 – Caribbean/ Regional News

Page 19 – Commentary – Letter to Editor.

We do hope you find this publication interesting.

Read/Download >>> Guyanese-Online-June2011-Newsletter

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Cyril Bryan, Editor and Publisher

E-mail: guyaneseonline@gmail.com

Letter: Shared Governance by Cheddie ‘Joey’ Jagan

June 6, 2011

Dear Editor,

What’s wrong with having a vision of unity through shared governance and a new dispensation, which , as President Jimmy Carter indicated , can bring an end to racial divisions  in our country, a festering sore still haunting our political, social and economic life ; a vision of governance  where , as the Mahatma said, there is the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven in it’s inner workings to bring morality, honesty and courage ; a vision to end  majoritarian rule, which , as the Mahatma said, is evil and has afflicted this country since independence to this day, denying the unity and purpose which our ansestors and elders bequeathed us ; a vision of government which recognizes, as the Queen of Great Britain said right in Guyana, the primary role of the private sector as the real engine of growth and which has not occurred since independence; a vision of decentralism of governance where local and regional authorities have much more say and power to get things done for the regular citizens, along with a national re-vitalization of our villages and village life ; a vision of sensible taxation, transparency of all government transactions, decent minimum wages, even development to all strata of our society,opening the doors wide open to legitimate foreign and local investment with major incentives and a clean and healthy environment for all our children; a vision of great things to come for the betterment of our dear country and it’s honest, hard-working citizens.

Editor, when will we wake up and see the light? Where are we really going as a nation? Have we lost our way? Do we really think of our children’s future? Do we cherish the sacrifices of our ancestors?

Editor, do we have to wait another five years?

Yours faithfully,

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