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BOOK: Rosaliene Bacchus Releases Debut Novel: Under the Tamarind Tree

 Cover Art by Guyanese-Canadian Artist, Joan Bryan-Muss

Rosaliene Bacchus Releases Debut Novel: Under the Tamarind Tree

Los Angeles, California, August 12, 2019—Caribbean novelist, Rosaliene Bacchus, born in Guyana, launches her debut novel, Under the Tamarind Tree, a family saga set in then British Guiana during the tumultuous years leading up to independence from Great Britain in 1966. The novel is the mixed fruit of the author’s struggle with abandonment and her concern for persistent, divisive, racist politics in her native land.          Continue reading

Guyanese Online Blog – New Entries Nov. 1-7, 2012

Guyanese Online – New Entries Nov. 1-7, 2012

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Caribbean Christmas blues – By Sir Ronald Sanders

Caribbean Christmas blues

Considerable worry about the prospects for 2012 has made this Caribbean Christmas blue.

By Sir Ronald Sanders

Barbados, Thursday December 22, 2011 – Caribbean people are fun-loving and at Christmas they particularly enjoy celebration in the spirit of the Season.  A brave attempt has been made by many throughout the region to maintain that spirit this year.  But, across the Caribbean, it is a blue Christmas that not even the reduced Christmas lights and decorations can dispel.  In the majority of countries, the poor economic conditions are the principal cause of gloominess; in others, political uncertainty is also a factor.

With the exception of Guyana and Suriname, the economies of every one of the 15 Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries experienced either a contraction of its economy or negligible growth in 2009 and 2010.  This year has proven to be no better.  Continue reading

JAGDEO HOMELESS – by Waltie Ainsworth


By: Ewalt  (Waltie) Ainsworth            –                    12 03 2011

Newly sworn in President, Mr. Donald Ramotar, is experiencing a double edged crisis (not necessarily in the order listed).  The first one is the potential appointment and announcement of AFC’s  Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan as Prime Minister. The second other primary issue is finding a home for Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo.

Jagdeo has not been taking calls and the regular cassanovas he hangs out with, are having a hard time pin pointing his place of abode.  In other words he is missing in action and missing the action and the actions of those who want to catch up with him for some re-action after the bare face rigging.   Continue reading

175,011 is a number higher than 166,340 – Freddie Kissoon

175,011 is a number higher than 166,340 – Freddie Kissoon


We don’t know what is going to happen in Guyana as the months and years move on. The opposition-controlled Parliament could topple the Ramotar presidency through a vote of no-confidence, thereby requiring another general election. On the other hand, Mr. Ramotar could carve out a working relationship with the combined opposition of APNU and AFC.

It is difficult to see a major split or even an ongoing dispute between APNU and AFC. I know the players in the smaller AFC very well and I cannot see any formidable chasm separating APNU and the AFC in what they want for Guyana.
It means, therefore, that the combined opposition is going to engage Mr. Ramotar on the contention that more than half of the electorate voted for them and not the PPP, therefore the President should listen to what they have in their list of demands. The figures of the difference in votes are contained in the caption above.   Continue reading

SOUP, GERMAN SOUP – by Waltie Ainsworth


By EWALT (Waltie) AINSWORTH        11 24 2011

GERMAN is the soupterene for the 592 republic.  It is the little corner store where men of adult stature & status, response ability & responsibility and points of view, sit and talk, mix and meddle and put away a gold medal.

The soup of the day is never listed; there are no karats to itemize but the characters who grace the floors and brace the walls at GERMAN, demand carrots in their diluted relish.  The soup inspires as you perspire and admire those who ‘cum-buy-ya.’   Continue reading

APNU’s failure to unveil manifesto sign of gross disrespect – Jagdeo – Maifesto now released

APNU’s failure to unveil manifesto sign of gross disrespect for Guyanese – APNU releases Manifesto that same evening.

Written by   – Guyana Chronicle
Saturday, 19 November 2011 05:10
– President Jagdeo
  President Bharrat Jagdeo last evening joined the PPP/C Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar, Head of the Presidential Secretariat  Dr. Roger Luncheon, and Ministers Clement Rohee and Dr. Jennifer Westford at a public meeting chaired by Presidential Advisor on Community Development Odinga Lumumba at the Stabroek Market Square..

The Head of State emphasised the importance of the November 28 polls in securing a brighter future for all Guyanese.He noted that with mere days away from the elections, the public is yet to hear about APNU’s plans for the next five years. This, he said, is a sign of gross disrespect for voters and the country as a whole, as they are in effect saying, “we want you to take a blind leap of faith in us, not because of our track record, but because of who we are.”             read more

Note The APNU released its Manifesto at a meeting in New Amsterdam on Friday, November 18, We however published the above entry so readers have the views of the PPP/C on this subject:

APNU Manifesto: APNU Manifesto 2011

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GECOM knows what it is doing – Surujbally on voter ed.

GECOM knows what it is doing – Surujbally on voter ed.

December 18, 2011 – Demerara Waves

The concerns political parties have raised over the voter education exercise have not been well received by GECOM Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally who says the Commission knows what it is doing.

The three major political parties, PPP/C, APNU and the AFC on Tuesday expressed concerns about the level of voter education by GECOM especially since the majority of voters are young people who have never voted before.

On Friday Dr. Surujbally told reporters that the parties were well aware of the Commission’s plans and its intention to intensify the exercise.

“This is not something that we do willy nilly and we grasp it out of the air, this is a plan. We are the people who know how to market elections and market elections content,” the chairman declared as he pointed out the agency’s staff have done several elections before.

“No sense starting months before and people will forget it.”     Read More

Post #820



By Mark McWatt


   I is the best politician, y’all must vote for me

I ent come with no baggage, so don’t hesitate

—no businessman friends, no damn law degree,

nor tainted by any former leader’s mistake:

what you getting is just what you see,

the baddest, ugliest bull-frog that God ever make.

  Continue reading

Jagdeo worried about low voter turnout

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves
Thursday, 20 October 2011 10:41
President Bharrat Jagdeo, wary of the impact that voter-apathy can have on the Peoples Progressive Party Civic’s chances of being re-elected for a fifth straight term, has warned constituents that if they do not vote, the party could lose the November 28 polls.“You matter, your vote matters. Every single vote is valuable. If we don’t cast that vote, it’s a waste. We would waste this power that we have in our hands to ensure that freedom continues in this country,” President Jagdeo told residents at Enmore village, traditionally a PPP stronghold. Continue reading
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