Letter: Shared Governance by Cheddie ‘Joey’ Jagan

June 6, 2011

Dear Editor,

What’s wrong with having a vision of unity through shared governance and a new dispensation, which , as President Jimmy Carter indicated , can bring an end to racial divisions  in our country, a festering sore still haunting our political, social and economic life ; a vision of governance  where , as the Mahatma said, there is the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven in it’s inner workings to bring morality, honesty and courage ; a vision to end  majoritarian rule, which , as the Mahatma said, is evil and has afflicted this country since independence to this day, denying the unity and purpose which our ansestors and elders bequeathed us ; a vision of government which recognizes, as the Queen of Great Britain said right in Guyana, the primary role of the private sector as the real engine of growth and which has not occurred since independence; a vision of decentralism of governance where local and regional authorities have much more say and power to get things done for the regular citizens, along with a national re-vitalization of our villages and village life ; a vision of sensible taxation, transparency of all government transactions, decent minimum wages, even development to all strata of our society,opening the doors wide open to legitimate foreign and local investment with major incentives and a clean and healthy environment for all our children; a vision of great things to come for the betterment of our dear country and it’s honest, hard-working citizens.

Editor, when will we wake up and see the light? Where are we really going as a nation? Have we lost our way? Do we really think of our children’s future? Do we cherish the sacrifices of our ancestors?

Editor, do we have to wait another five years?

Yours faithfully,

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  • Naraine Datt  On 06/06/2011 at 2:43 pm

    There is nothing wrong with that Joey, but the powers to be in Guyana are too stubborn and ingrained with their socialist ideology and cannot envisage such a political change. The people, if they have the unbiased courage have to effect the change.

  • Herbert Earl Hintzen  On 06/06/2011 at 4:34 pm

    HOORAY, HOORAY, HOORAY, Finally somebody in the politics of Guyana who sees the vision and has the true knack of good Government, and somebody who I can wholeheartedly support to put the Home country back on its feet. I think young Cheddi Joey Jagan has the correct political approach for Guyana’s current needs, and should be urged and supported to run for President. I would hope that his views never change and that the big Western Governments would come in and give him the support he would need to pull Guyana out of the mud of racial, drug infested, and financial greed politics.
    I totally agree that the Private sector is indeed the real engine of growth in any country (as is evidenced here in the U.S.A.) as we have seen our loss of manufacturing jobs take wing to China and India, Even Japan and South Korea realized that the American auto worker is the best when it comes to production, hence the building of factories here in the USA by Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, and even the German BMW.

    I love the quality and tone of young Cheddi’s letters to the Editor and I sincerely hope he stays true to this vision since that would bring many very qualified Guyanese from the Diaspora to assist in the Re-Development of Guyana. As I have said before, there is no neighboring Caribbean country that could stand next to Guyana in its total production capabilities — Sugar, Rice, Bauxite/Alumina, Manganese, Gold, Diamonds, Cattle (are you aware people that Guyana has/had at one point in time the second largest cattle ranch in the world – Dadanawa in the Rupununi District) We could also develop and compete with any country for fruit production. We grow a cherry that is a first cousin to the American cherry and so I am sure we could grow that too, and let’s not talk about things like mangoes and avocados, soursop, we can grow more pineapples than Hawaii, and did you know that in the Rupununi District along the banks of the Ireng and Takutu rivers Cashews grow wild in huge groves that have never been cultivated and exploited for cashew nuts (which in fact is not a true nut, but the seed of the fruit that grows on the outside of the fruit.)

    Oh, the possibilities are endless, just takes a Government with vision and not greed along with the cooperation of the total population. One more important facet of the regrowth of our home is the total repair of the Infrastructure, canals, kokers/sluices originally put down by the Dutch to alleviate the flooding we now see every time rain clouds set. That also means work. Repair of the roads and for access to the hinterland portion of Guyana fast rail service. With the preponderance of “The Land of many Waters” all the huge rivers we do have in Guyana coming off of high mountain promontories, why not Hydro-electricity?

    But most of all while we are pursuing all these possibilities we must protect one of (if not the last) great rain forest in the world, the Amazon Basin which Guyana’s forest are a part of. May I also ask while I know I took up a bit of your time with my ramblings of the ‘Promise of Hope for Guyana’, that you share this and the attachment from young Mr. Cheddi Joey Jagan with as many people as you can within the Diaspora, and I end with a prayer of THANKS.

    Hubert Earl Hintzen
    E-mail: hhintzen@hotmail.com
    June 6, 2011

  • Naraine Datt  On 06/06/2011 at 7:22 pm


    Don’t give them any sorrow
    By loving them tomorrow
    Those folks around you
    And those far away too
    Let your heart allow
    You to love them now
    They are your loving parent
    Even when they rave and vent
    Or they’re your beloved grands
    Sometimes making big demands
    Your only one for you can’t get another
    And that is your forever loving mother
    Or your daddy, papa or father
    And being the sole breadwinner
    Sometimes he makes it hard for you to choose
    When he’s telling you to mind your ps and qs
    But you know that ol’ man loves you to death
    And he will move mountains for you, you bet
    Or even a good real brother
    Who can be a bloody bother
    Or a lil’ witch for a sinister sister
    As you are tempted to choke her
    But the next minute she’s your treasure
    Even with her hiccups as you tease her
    Or maybe one of your aunts
    Though she wears the pants
    Looking at her in a very different slant
    When you say can and she says can’t
    Maybe an old kind Uncle
    With his hands so wrinkle

    And not forgetting the people
    Though you may consider evil
    Be nice to appease that officer
    Who put you in a homely shelter
    Who gave you that heavy mortgage
    Even with O.T.now feeling the edge
    And the humorous barber
    Yeah how he can chatter
    But he keeps you shyly smiling
    As his scissors do the cutting
    And your little old shoemaker
    Your one and only sole taker

    The time your beloved smiled that memorable day
    You’re comfuffled cause you forgot her birthday
    And was wondering how to rectify this
    But you were saved by the able florist
    So next time on your trip you pass by her shop
    A thank you note in an envelope you can drop

    These and many more are the folks
    Who are there for us busy blokes
    And your car like a kitten is purring
    ‘cause of your mechanic’s engineering
    And then there’s your ol’ family doctor
    Maybe brought forth your sis or brother
    Always too busy with whiners
    Forgetting his bedside manners
    Remember that angina he did repaired your ticker
    Prolonging your life now making you live longer
    Now you may live yet another decade
    Until you’ve another serious escapade

    What of your buddy and bosom friends
    Who may sometimes behave like fiends
    They are the people who grew up with you
    Massaging your ego when times were blue
    And then there are your now and then teachers
    Who may at sometimes sounds like preachers
    You may go further and call them creatures
    That’s why you love all kinds of literatures
    And what about the writer and authors
    Who wrote about princes and of curs
    How they make you alive all those years
    When their books brought such long tears
    To your sorry eyes giving you renewed strength
    Allowing you to set your standards to any length

    And our brave soldiers so far
    Fighting in Afghanistan ’s war
    Leaving at home their loved ones
    Living by loving emails in tons
    Battling bullets and suicide bombers
    Fighting evil in their crescent towers
    Who is preserving our freedom
    As politicians nitpicking so dumb

    Forget the angst of step moms, liars and cheaters
    Scam artists, pessimists and doomsday preachers
    Bad people so mean boo-hoo
    They know not what they do
    Those who told you, you’re useless
    They too are ignorant and clueless
    So if we stop fret, fuss and vent
    Abide by this one commandment
    We can change the worl’
    With only one flag to twirl
    Don’t give them any sorrow
    By loving them tomorrow
    Let your good heart allow
    To show you love them now



  • Darryl Fisher, MD  On 06/07/2011 at 7:40 am

    I recently started following the newsletters regarding the upcoming elections in Guyana. I attended school with Cheddi (Joey) Jagan both undergraduate and Howard University. In both settings he took several hard working students of various ethnic backgrounds (me included) and worked us into one of the strongest study teams that walked those campuses. Everyone in or group succeeded in their goals. The man is a leader and a visionary.
    I believe he will do the same for Guyana.

    Darryl Fisher, MD

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