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Nostalgia 375 – Celebrating GT&T, 1991 to 2011

Nostalgia 375 – Celebrating GT&T, 1991 to 2011

– World Telecommunications and Information Day May 17th

– By: Godfrey Chin –godchin1@aol.com 

The Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co celebrated its 20th Anniversary February 2011, with much fanfare, and a record of outstanding accomplishments significant to the advancement of Republic Guyana. While as expected there is the usual dissatisfied partisans, – as a Nostalgia buff,  I hasten to record what it was like growing up in the mudland just after WWII., without much telecommunication service.

‘He had no shoes and cried until he met a man who had no feet – is the applicable cliché’. The local populace and ex-wives have always been so hard to please. They either big-eye – never get enough for their money – or never get enough ‘house money.  Life is a beach!

From the dawn of History, mankind has sought indefatigably to improve their communication with each other. This is what differentiates between man and animal. Messages were passed from one person to the other by voice, horns, while beating drums carried messages through the air. The early methods of communication relied on how far people could run, see, hear or shout.

From the early grunts in cave dwellings – they graduated to handshakes to distinguish between friend & foe. There were pictographs on cave walls – hieroglyphics in Egyptians tombs – tom-tom drums in African jungles – smoke signals on the Indian plains – carrier pigeons – semaphore signals – Morse codes – telephone and telegraph – and today the ubiquitous cell phone.  Continue reading



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