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Letter: “Joey” Jagan praises PNC’s Granger

Dear Editor:
I saw Mr. Granger, the PNC candidate for President, on TV a couple of days ago and the answers he gave to the problems we face in this country were circumspect, clear and cognizant ; it is obvious to anyone with commonsense that this gentleman should play an important role in the future development of Guyana. Whatever the forthcoming elections bring to Guyana, the principles of a new dispensation for some kind of coalition shared governance is surely applicable if Mr.Granger loses, for he is a serious leader who would bring progress to any government formed after the elections and his leadership and vision in fields such as education, crime, unemployment and protecting the wealth of this country could be unparalleled.
               Mr.Granger shows calmness, common sense and a definite grasp of the issues affecting our country but his comments about socialism/communism which was experimented with in this country over the last 45 years , I happen to disagree with; socialism/communism was an unmitigated disaster and those ideas are of the past and have absolutely no place in our future. We have to reject such worn out ideas and move on. The only piece of advice i would humbly like to submit to Mr.Granger is that he should smile more on camera as I am sure he possesses a winning smile; the people need the smiles for the times we live in.

Farrakhan Blasts the “Coalition of Demons” attacking Libya


(FinalCall.com) – Minister Farrakhan exposes the U.S. and NATO’s criminal War Libya and Africa during a June 15, 2011 Press Conference at the UN Plaza Hotel.  
 Also presenting were former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Human Rights Activist Viola Plummer and International Actitivst Cynthia McKinney.

Medical Information Explanations and Videos

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