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Weblog-Website Entries for June 2011

Guyanese Online

List  of Weblog-Website entries for June 2011

  1. How to cook chicken curry by Madhu Gadia – video
  2. Guyana Beat TV program – Norman Sue Bakery  Toronto – video
  3. Guyana – Street Art on display video
  4. Slavery – The Goree Island guides – what is happening now?
  5. The Villages, Florida – the golf cart town – video
  6. Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. Newsletter
  7. VPL Multicultural Day Fair‏ – Vancouver. Canada
  8. The AFC has the plan and “will” transform Guyana!
  9. “PPP Prepared For Elections” – Donald Ramotar
  10. Guyana opposition unites to contest elections
  11. Letter: Voters should make the election matter
  12. Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education
  13. Shaba Ranks – Guyanese Women – song
  15. New York celebrates Guyana’s 45th Anniversary
  16. Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago – and Guyana
  17. Vintage Caribbean Calypso by David Bereaux –video
  18. The little girl with an “Amazing Voice” – video
  19. Q.C. Alumni Florida Chapter – Summer Brunch – June 26,2011
  20. Caribbean American Festival – Orlando – June 25, 2011
  21. Black Music Month – June 2011
  22. Guyanese cardiologist cops prestigious European award
  23. Godfrey Chin – “Nostalgia Nights” launch in Guyana – June 22
  24. Letter: “Joey” Jagan praises PNC’s Granger
  25. Farrakhan Blasts the “Coalition of Demons” attacking Libya
  26. Medical Information Explanations and Videos
  27. Scenes from old British Guiana – video
  28. Early East Indians of the Caribbean
  29. Guyana – Original Folk Songs
  30. St. Stanislaus Alumni – Barbados Chapter – Lime – August 26
  31. British Guiana in 1853
  32. Amerindians – The Wai Wai
  33. A 1924 History of British Guiana .
  34. Guyanese Cultural Network Picnic – Florida- July 2, 2011
  35. GUYFEST – Crownsville. Maryland – July 2, 2011
  36. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Recovery Project – Dance
  37. Guyanese writer Wilson Harris has been knighted
  38. A Tribute To Bartica By Nelta Wyatt
  39. Lighthouse – Georgetown Guyana
  40. Windows 8 gets a preview by Microsoft
  41. The Antidote to Apathy – Dave Meslin
  42. Guyana‘s Development—Taxation reviewed
  43. My Dear – Performed by Bill “The Crooner” Newman
  44. Guyanese Online Newsletter – June 2011
  45. Letter: Shared Governance by Cheddie ‘Joey’ Jagan
  46. Japanese Play Carnival – The Yosakoi Festival
  47. Guyanese Association of Delaware – July 17, 2011 – Picnic
  49. “Come Walk With Me” by Francis Yvonne Jackson
  50. Video: Microwave radiation dangers – the Swiss warning
  51. Nostalgia 375 – Celebrating GT&T, 1991 to 2011
  52. The Guyanese Heritage Foundation – Seattle

How to cook chicken curry by Madhu Gadia

This is a video on how to cook chicken curry, a popular dish that most of us love. Here the presenter Madhu Gadia, the author of Cuisine of India, gives a detailed lesson on preparing an authentic chicken curry dish.  Try it guys!!

Guyana Beat TV program – Norman Sue Bakery

Guyana Beat TV program – Norman Sue Bakery

This Toronto TV program features the Norman Sue Bakery, located in the Toronto borough of  Scarborough, Ontario Canada.  In this feature, the Guyana Beat presenter Camille Ross gets a detailed lesson on how dhall pouri is made.

Guyana – Street Art on display

A nice sunny day in Guyana , looking at some very good street Art on Avenue Of The Republic or Main Street . The back ground music is by the Yoruba singers..” YORUBA MAN”. This is early YORUBA recorded at GEMS in the early 70’s

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