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Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago – and Guyana


This is a list of Fruits of Trinidad and Tobago created for distribution by their First Citizen Bank.  If you click on the picture you could look at it in your browser and then enlarge the picture to read the information more easily.

Most of these fruits are also found in Guyana and the other islands of the Caribbean, although they may go by different names  Check them out and see how many you recognise.

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Vintage Caribbean Calypso by David Bereaux

CAT BRAIN – sung by David Bereaux

Spoiler’s CAT BRAIN.   For the past 11 years I’ve told story at the GIMISTORY FESTIVAL on the beaches of the Cayman Islands. Climaxing each of the eight night’s program is the masterly storytelling of DAVID BEREAUX and FRIENDS. They tell, in song, the vintage calypso stories (‘ol time kaiso) that are unsurpassed for creativty, imagination, wit and, very often, wisdom; and may be the Caribbean’s true true traditional folk tales.  – Ken Corsbie  caribvoies – http://www.youtube.com/user/caribvoies

WITCH DOCTOR sung by David Bereaux

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The vintage calypsoes of the 50’s-70’s (ol’ time kaiso) were creative, witty, politically and socially incorrect, and eminently performable. DAVID BEREAUX is the master at the performance, interpretation, dramatics of those narratives. He is the modern Caribbean Calypso Storyteller.  I’m priviliged to have experienced his remarkable telling at the eleven annual GIMISTORY FESTIVALS in the Cayman Islands.  – Ken Corsbie –

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