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VPL Multicultural Day Fair‏ – Vancouver. Canada

VPL Multicultural Day Fair‏ – Vancouver. Canada

I am very pleased to report that today, for us, was a very successful day at the

fair – VPL – Vancouver Public Library Multicultural Day Fair

Sylvia Jemmott and I managed the table and the questions from the public.

We had one Jamaican lady who works at Canada Post stop by to chat with us.

She has been in B.C. 5-years and she previously lived in Ottawa.

She told us she knew a Guyanese woman in Ottawa living in the same building as her.

I almost told her if she didn’t know a Guyanese in Ontario, she must be intentionally avoiding them.

I blew up copies of Trev Sue-A-Quan’s book, Cane Reapers and another on Sir James Douglas for our display.

One woman wanted to know if the book was in the library, I told her I doubted it, but we do have them for sale.

She went into the library and came back outside with a copy of the book: Cane Reapers.

We had a few religious people who had a stint or two in Guyana, at least one who did some research for a thesis.

One actually spent 10-years in Guyana. Blond hair and blue eyes, at that. And that is for the benefit of people who still believe there are no white people in Guyana – in my day they were born there.

He went to Guyana at 8-years old and I forgot the school he attended, but he did attend Queen’s College prior to University in Canada.

His dad was a pilot for Guyana Airways, so he visited most of the places on the map we had on display, courtesy of Meharam Sugrim.

I was very pleased with the reactions and feed-back: –

“I didn’t know that – I can’t get over it!’

Of course, we had the usual ‘Is Guyana in Africa?’ No!

But in general, people were genuinely interested in our food, etc.. Brazilians,Saudi Arabian, Armenian, Bulgarian, for example … I wish I had taken notes.

I wish we had some more help so that I could wander around and check out the other displays.

It was exciting to talk about the B.C. / B.G. connection all day.

I hope you all join us next time.

1858 – British Columbia was proclaimed a colony of the U.K.

The Governor and First Lady were a multicultural couple. A first …!

1871 – British Columbia joined Canada.

1971 – 40 years ago, Canada was the first country in the world to adopt a multicultural policy.

Sir James Douglas, who was born in British Guiana, and Lady Amelia kick started it and Pierre Trudeau made sure it stuck in British Columbia and the World.

A Japanese-Canadian man asked us at the fair, ‘why does the British Prime Minister

say that multiculturalism has failed??

I say Multiculturalism just IS !’

I am proud to be living in British Columbia, Canada and call myself Guyanese-Canadian.

.Clyde Duncan

Sylvia Jemmott

Read about the Sir James Douglas monument unveiling at Mahaica, ECD. Guyana.

The AFC has the plan and “will” transform Guyana!

The AFC has the plan and “will” transform Guyana!

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For over forty years the talk of transforming Guyana has been just that – talk!  Oh yes…some lives have been transformed –but take a good look,  they are just the ruling elite, whoever is in power at the time…but for the average Guyanese? Well, the poor has gotten poorer, many continue to migrate and more suffering from mental illnesses seem to be on the streets. Like the word “potential” we continue to dream of better days as one generation is replaced by another.

The Alliance for Change is here to tell you, we see, we hear and we can change this together – you and me! The AFC ‘IS” different, look at what we have said, look at what we have done. Since our inception we have tried to shape a new kind of politics in Guyana.  It starts with healing and reconciliation and a commitment to work hard to change Guyana’s racially based politics which has put one race against another and issue based politics in the bin. Few have won in this system and hundreds of thousands have lost.

For the AFC’s our core principle which states :“That the development of a just society is founded on the supremacy of the rule of law and the belief that all persons are equal” is the foundation of our belief  and our plan to transform Guyana and its economy, for the benefit of “all Guyanese” in based on a series of these principles:   Continue reading

“PPP Prepared For Elections” – Donald Ramotar

“PPP Prepared For Elections” – Donald Ramotar

Donald Ramotar

The incumbent People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is ready to face the polls and is confident of being re-elected for a fifth consecutive term, Donald Ramotar, the party’s presidential candidate declared on Friday June 24, 2011.

“Our electoral structures at both the leadership level and in the communities have been established to face the challenges,” he stated.

He said that the party is confident of victory as it is going to the electorate with “a proud record to stand on.”

According to Ramotar, the PPP/C has delivered on its promises and is now working on its manifesto for the upcoming period. However, the PPP General Secretary stressed that the projects the party plans to announce would be realistic, as the party wants to be careful not to make promises it can’t deliver on.

“Since we assumed the administration of Guyana our country has made great strides in every aspect of life,” Ramotar stated.

At the economic level, he said the PPP/C has moved Guyana from being a basket case in 1992 to being the most dynamic economy in the Caribbean today.

At the social level Guyana has progressed tremendously, Ramotar said, pointing out that the government’s housing programme is exemplary. He noted that since the PPP came to office 80,000 house lots have been distributed.

“In education we are building a nation where all our people will have access to quality education and where all will be able to use the most modern tools available today,” Ramotar stated, making mention of the One Laptop Per Family Project.

He boasted also that the country’s health services have come a very far way, as more and more facilities are made available.

At the political stage, Ramotar claimed that Guyana is now one of the most democratic nations in the world.

“All the fundamental freedoms and human rights are protected,” he declared.

The PPP/C, Ramotar said, is heartened by the growing amount of support being expressed by civic society for the party at the up-coming election.

“We look forward to working with all to realise in full Guyana’s potential,” he stated.

Guyana opposition unites to contest elections

Guyana opposition unites to contest elections

The Guyana opposition parties, excluding the Alliance for Change (AFC), have joined together as a group – named “A Partnership of National Unity” (APNU), to contest the next General Elections expected in a few months.  here is a report on this development:


GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Monday June 27, 2011 – The incumbent People’s Progressive Party will be up against an opposition coalition when the 2011 presidential and legislative elections are held.

The group, uniting under the banner of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), includes the Guyana Action Party (GAP), the National Front Alliance (NFA), the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), and the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), with the Guyana’s People Partnership, (GPP) expected to join.

They have named the PNCR’s presidential candidate, David Granger, to lead the opposition partnership.             Continue reading