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RUSSIA: Putin May Lose His War In Ukraine, But The West Could Still Lose The Peace – Opinion

The question of when – and on what terms – to stop the fighting is already causing cracks to appear 

 Fraser Nelson | The Telegraph UK 

A year after annexing Crimea, Vladimir Putin met various leaders involved to finalise the terms of what was, in effect, a surrender. There was dinner, with a large map of Ukraine in the middle of the table. At one point, Putin reached over and stabbed a fork on the eastern side of the map to show how much ground his troops had covered in the 16 hours they had all been talking. His gist: Agree to terms now, or things will get worse. No one in the West will help you. No one else cares. 

I was told this story recently by a diplomat who saw it happen. Ukraine, he said, was helpless: Its military was then in no state to offer serious opposition. David Cameron and Barack Obama opted out of the negotiations – saying they clashed with the D-Day commemorations in Normandy – so talks were instead mediated by France and Germany. They let Putin stitch things up in a way that loosened Kyiv’s grip on Ukraine’s eastern territories.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Profile: History: THE LEGEND YOU NEVER KNEW: Eusi Kwayana – video

FTC Guyana: THE LEGEND YOU NEVER KNEW: Eusi Kwayana – 2019 video

— LIVING GUYANESE HISTORY: Eusi Kwayana (Born 1925 – now 97) —

See Comments on YouTube here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2O5KEPKiIo

ALSO view his new Bog Website (under construction) at:


GUYANA: Don’t be fooled by rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – by Terrence Yhip

International Economist Terrence Yhip

– Oil already widening gap between rich and poor – Int’l Economist Terrence Yhip

The Government of Guyana has boasted that the oil sector which has experienced an increase in oil production from 120,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd) to 340,000 bpd is poised to drive Guyana’s growth to historic levels. In fact, Senior Minister with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh had disclosed during the reading of this year’s GY$552.9B national budget that Guyana’s real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is projected to grow by 47.5 percent. It is a level of performance no other country in the world is forecast to achieve in 2022.

While Guyanese should feel justifiably proud of the fact that their county’s GDP has been growing the fastest, and will continue to do so, Terrence Yhip, an economist, says citizens must not get carried away just by the sheer size of such figures as they, in isolation, are not an accurate reflection of the country’s wellbeing, and more importantly, the wellbeing of citizens. Indeed, “Income disparities persist across the land, and the problem is severest amongst Amerindians in the hinterland.”        Continue reading

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