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WORLD– The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You – 20 Facts – video

Epic Economist – April 07, 2022.

A global food shortage of catastrophic proportions has already begun, and things are only going to get worse from this point on.

The information we’re about to expose might be hard to digest, but we would like to encourage you to share this message with everyone you care for so that people can prepare for what is coming. Everybody deserves to know what is truly going on, and they deserve an opportunity to get ready before this crisis gets out of control.          Continue reading

WORLD — ‘Cultural genocide’ against children getting belated attention – By Mohamed Hamaludin


“I feel shame and pain. I ask forgiveness of God,” Pope Francis said on Friday as he apologized for the “deplorable” abuses of Canada’s First Nations children.

Between the 1880s and the 1990s, the government ran a system of compulsory boarding schools which a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recently dubbed ‘cultural genocide’,” The New York Times reported. The Catholic Church operated about 70 percent of those schools, where about 150,000 children were placed and “where abuse, both physical and sexual, was widespread, along with neglect and disease,” The Times said. A former judge, Murray Sinclair, who headed the commission, estimated that at least 6,000 children went missing.          Continue reading

GUYANA: History: The S.S. Queriman Ferry – Georgetown / Vreed-en-Hoop – By Dave Martins

By January 30, 2022

Part of our Guyana history that has vanished in recent times was the era of the broad, squat steamship, the S.S. Queriman, which was at one time in operation as the ferry between Georgetown and Vreed-en-Hoop on the opposite bank of the Demerara River. She was a fixture for me as a youngster, living first at Hague on the West Dem and later Vreed-en-Hoop when I was going to school on scholarship at Saint Stanislaus College on Brickdam, making the crossing to and fro in early morning and late afternoon for classes and later occasionally even on weekends for purely social visits to town.

We country folks would park our bicycles on the lower deck and take the stairs up to first-class with abundant seating and breezes as opposed to the space below, where the heat from the ship’s steam engine could be at times unbearable.  In later years, the Queriman gave way to the smaller and more maneuverable diesel-powered ships, like the Lady Northcote, where owners of vehicles would sometimes find no space to accommodate them on a particular trip and would have to wait on the wharf for the next crossing.          Continue reading

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