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WORLD: How Russia Controls The USA and World Economy – By George Gammon – video

COMMENTS:  See more at –     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvltNWuDno0

Silver Shooter 2 weeks ago

Farmer here. George’s analysis of NPK fertilizer is absolutely correct. However, there are many small local farmers like myself that use natural fertilizers like manure and compost and are opposed to chemical fertilizers. So small farmers that don’t spray are more resilent than commercial farmers. So get to know your local food producers.            Continue reading

OIL: High energy prices could lead to ‘stagflation’ in Latin America – Arthur Deakin

April 8, 2022 – OilNOW

Stagflation, or recession-inflation, occurs in economies where the inflation rate is high, the economic growth rate slows, and unemployment remains steadily high as well.

Arthur Deakin

And Arthur Deakin, who is energy co-director at Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), believes that with the hike in global oil prices, plenty of nations run the risk of heading down this path.

The economic sting of the Russia-Ukraine tragedy has been felt by the fingertips of many across the world as fuel prices shot up, sending a ripple effect that saw hikes in commodity prices impacting small, developing states.          Continue reading

CANADA: Apology To Canada’s First Black Battalion To Come This Summer– Defence Minister 

Danielle Edwards | The Canadian Press 

HALIFAX — Descendants of the No. 2 Construction Battalion — Canada’s only all-Black unit to serve in the First World War — will receive an apology from the federal government this summer for the racial discrimination their relatives endured. 

Ottawa has been in consultations with descendants of the 600 members of the battalion over the last year, federal Defence Minister Anita Anand told a news conference.

“Every one of these heroes deserved appreciation and recognition, but they were often ignored before, during and long after their service,” Anand said, adding that the government is committed to changing the culture of the Canadian Armed Forces and making sure the institution “looks like the population it serves.”    Continue reading

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