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WORLD: How Russia Controls The USA and World Economy – By George Gammon – video

COMMENTS:  See more at –     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvltNWuDno0

Silver Shooter 2 weeks ago

Farmer here. George’s analysis of NPK fertilizer is absolutely correct. However, there are many small local farmers like myself that use natural fertilizers like manure and compost and are opposed to chemical fertilizers. So small farmers that don’t spray are more resilent than commercial farmers. So get to know your local food producers.            Continue reading

Rising Food Prices Continue to Climb

Rising Food Prices Continue to Climb, with Prices Up 10% in July Alone

By Lisa Garber – NationofChange  – Published: Sunday 9 September 2012

“Use of corn in the production of ethanol in the U.S.—accounting for up to 40 percent of corn crop—has also been blamed for the price jump.”

 Food prices are rising, and consumers are feeling it. Rising food prices aren’t only hitting America, they are happening around the world. Costs have gone up 10 percent between June and July alone, with  reaching record prices. This outpaces the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s estimate of a 6 percent increase.

Rising Food Prices and Vulnerable Populations

While we may all see small changes in the grocery store and in grocery bills, World Bank president Jim Yong Kim says countries reliant on imported grains, especially “Africa and the Middle East are particularly vulnerable.”                Continue reading

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