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RUSSIA: Why Putin’s Days Are Numbered – Opinion

The system that Russia’s autocrat built wasn’t designed to survive the pressures it is now facing.

  By Vladimir Milov | Journal of Democracy 

The world’s attention is focused on the immense suffering of the brave Ukrainian people, and rightly so — no words can describe the misery and damage that Vladimir Putin has inflicted upon Ukraine with his unprovoked aggression.

Russians are also suffering from the consequences of the invasion. In recent years, Russia has hardly resembled a democracy, but Putin’s war has untied the government’s hands — de-facto scrapping the people’s few remaining rights and freedoms. New, hastily adopted legislation criminalizing spreading “fake news” with up to 15 years in prison allows the Kremlin not only to eliminate any dissent, but also to instigate a mass persecution of its own population. The campaign is already in full swing, with one person being arrested for holding a poster that read “Fascism Will Not Pass”, which authorities claimed was “discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.” Russian TV officially claims that “No to War” (Het Bonhe) is somehow a Nazi slogan.            Continue reading

ENERGY: Petroleum – Modern history of oil on a Map – video

ENERGY: Petroleum – Modern history of oil on a Map – video

GEO HISTORY – 8,093,957+ views – Mar 2, 2019
Let’s retrace on an animated map a summary of the modern history of petroleum until the present day.

GUYANA: Guarantee and full indemnification; Oil spill compensation – By GHK Lall

GHK Lall

The two areas focused on today represent talking the talk, and then real-world reality. There is some encouragement first, a stirring of hope second.

Regarding full oil insurance coverage, (allowances given for caps, deductibles, and such), I am guardedly encouraged by promises of working for a ‘guarantee’ of some sort from Exxon (the almighty VP), and full indemnification in the event of an oil spill (the besieged EPA honcho); either one in its most comprehensive documentation from the parent company could be the game-changer that is acceptable.
But when these fine Guyanese speak, I have learned to be careful with their tangled webs…. Go slow is the motto.

For, like the President, it is not what they say in very grand terms, which may convey ideas of positives, but of what they really mean, in which there is big trouble concealed. To say this differently, it all lies in the definition and expansiveness of meanings attached to ‘guarantee’ and ‘full indemnification.’        Continue reading

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