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GUYANA: Guyanese in Suriname updated on massive economic opportunities

Map of Suriname – click to enlarge

April 10 2022 – BPI Guyana

─ during meeting with Agriculture Minister, Foreign Secretary

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha and Foreign Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Robert Persaud met Saturday with Guyanese living in Dutch-speaking Republic of Suriname.

With some 25,000 Guyanese living in the neighboring South American nation since the 1970’s who work in the agriculture, fishing, construction and even the oil and gas sectors, Foreign Secretary Persaud said the intention of the outreach was to update the diaspora of the countless opportunities that exist in Guyana.        Continue reading

GUYANA: The untouchables- Sexual assault and harassment – By Akola Thompson

Underreporting of crimes within the realm of sexual assault and harassment, has long been an issue of concern. Reporting is often held up as the end all goal for those with experiences of abuse, as it is seen as adding a layer of believability to their reports. There is also the belief that the road to justice for the abused is one that is well paved and non-traumatic, leading them towards the justice that is deserved. These rationales however, are often the furthest thing from the truth, as reporting systems, despite a lot of progress, remain very traumatic and time consuming.        Continue reading

GERMANY prepares for a future without Russian gas – ‘Firms will go bust’ – The GUARDIAN

Germany is bracing for supplies to be cut by Moscow in retaliation for sanctions or as part of an energy embargo

Map of Germany

in Berlin – THE GUARDIAN – Sat 9 Apr 2022

“It would be a disaster – one which would have seemed almost unthinkable just two months ago, but which right now feels like a very realistic prospect,” the owner of a hi-tech mechanical engineering company in western Germany said. The firm produces everything from battery cases for electric cars to train clutch systems.            Continue reading

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