WORLD: How Russia Controls The USA and World Economy – By George Gammon – video

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Silver Shooter 2 weeks ago

Farmer here. George’s analysis of NPK fertilizer is absolutely correct. However, there are many small local farmers like myself that use natural fertilizers like manure and compost and are opposed to chemical fertilizers. So small farmers that don’t spray are more resilent than commercial farmers. So get to know your local food producers.           

Gregory Nicholson – 2 weeks ago

Generally in farming around the world, a 1% decrease in NPK translates to a decrease of about 1% crops. So we’re looking at a potential 30% drop in crop output this year. But this is half the story. Gammon did not mention herbicides, which are very important to certain crops like corn (which is in everything), and the herbicides have a similar manufacturing chain as fertilizer. So we’re looking at potentially much more than 30% reduction in crop outputs until mid-2023. Further, places like Brazil & Argentina have suffered floods and are not exporting any soybeans this year. The list of countries exporting food and grain grows thin. Get ready.

a b – 2 weeks ago

Germany is also a big producer of fertilizer but they need Russian GAS for it. So you can take it at least partially out of equation. This winter Germany produced a lot less fertilizer because of high gas prices and low gas inventory. So they had to keep people warm instead of producing fertilizers. We have almost no sunflower oil and wheat flour here in supermarkets but people don’t understand that we will generally have less food and it will be way expensive. Farmers have no fertilizers and diesel cost 2,2 € per liter.

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  • Bernard  On 04/12/2022 at 7:51 pm

    The great global famine is upon us!

    At least in Guyana we can grow our own! Lots of fruits and vegetables to eat!

    • theonly  On 04/13/2022 at 10:44 am

      But all we are concerned about here in Guyana is who is in power, very very sad.

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