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St. Rose’s Alumni Association (Toronto): Pre-Christmas Dinner/ Dance – November 23, 2019

BARBADOS: Eddy Grant calls for calypso college

Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant

      (Barbados Nation) Music producer Eddy Grant believes there should be a calypso college in Barbados.

“I have begged the Government to teach calypso in schools. If you can teach British history, why can’t you know your own? Why can’t you learn how to sing your own?

“You have got the best calypso writer, singer, performer that there has been in the Caribbean since Sparrow in Gabby, and he [Sparrow] said it. He acknowledged that Gabby is second to him,” said the owner of Bayley’s Plantation, where General Bussa staged the slave rebellion in 1816.  Continue reading

Hurricane Dorian: Scale of Bahamas devastation emerges – BBC News

A before and after image showing destruction in the Marsh Harbour

Lia Head-Rigby, who runs a relief group and overflew the Abacos, said her representatives had told her there were “a lot more dead”.

“It’s total devastation. It’s decimated. Apocalyptic,” she told the Associated Press news agency.

READ MORE: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-49574900

BCOCCA: Caribbean Annual Cultural Expo: Burnaby. BC- September 28, 2019

          Download: BCOCCA 2019 EXPO FLYER

Psychology: Relationships: The Secret of Being A Good Father – BBC News

Past child development research often ignored fathers. But new studies are finding that non-maternal caregivers play a crucial role in children’s behaviour, happiness, even cognitive skills.

The Aka tribesmen in the Central African Republic often look after their young children while the mothers are out hunting. They soothe, clean and play with their babies, and spend more time holding them than fathers in any other society. Their devotion has earned them the title of “the world’s best dads” from online commentators – which is somewhat ironic given that the Aka are strictly egalitarian and shun rankings.        Continue reading

Video: The State of Black America: Black Oppression Explained – Dr Julia Hare

On Tavis Smiley presents on C-Span: 

This is Dr. Julia Hare speaking at the State of the Black Union (2007) on education, destruction of the Diasporic African family in America, incarceration, and other issues.

Expanded school feeding programme yields positive impact on attendance – Report

Kaieteur News – 04 September 2019

One of the problems faced by the education system has been relatively low school attendance, especially in the hinterland regions. The recent mid-year report released by the Ministry of Finance notes that school enrollment and attendance continue to affect the learning outcomes of a large proportion of the school-aged population.

Data from 2016 indicates that less than 80 percent of this segment of the population was enrolled in school, and attendance rates were approximately 75 percent.      Continue reading

The Struggle for Recognition of the Indigenous Voice in Guyanese Politics – Janette Bulkan

September is Indigenous Heritage Month in Guyana

By Janette Bulkan – University of British Columbia , Vancouver , Canada

ABSTRACT: In Guyana’s racialised geography, Amerindians live in scattered villages in the vast hinterland that covers 90% of the country. Amerindian iconography is appropriated in statemaking, even while Amerindians themselves are consigned to a patron–client relationship with the dominant ‘coastlander’ society. In the late 1950s, Amerindians made up only 4% of the national population but voted as a bloc in the national elections of 1957, 1961 and 1964, rallying around Amerindians, coastlanders, reserves, mining, Venezuelan land claim, Rupununi Uprising, proportional representation, government-organised non-governmental organisations,
Guyana Action Party the first Amerindian member of the legislature.            Continue reading

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