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Mr Jagdeo: Stop the ghetto politics, cuss and buze out behavior – By Lincoln Lewis

Mr. Jagdeo, go to work and stop buzing – By Lincoln Lewis – Commentary

Sep 01, 2019  Eye on Guyana with Lincoln Lewis,

Bharrat Jagdeo

Bharrat Jagdeo: As a participant in the process whereby he was elected to the National Assembly (and a taxpayer who pays his monthly pension of G$1.2 million, his transportation, driver, 24-hour security, electricity and water bills, his gardener, household assistants and office staff, medical bills for him and dependent members of his family, vacation allowance equivalent to two first class return airfares to wherever he chooses, and for the Queenstown office), he must know it would be an abrogation of my civic duty not to hold him to account.

Somehow, he thinks opting for the presidential package as against the Opposition Leader’s salary exonerates him from constitutional duty for the job he holds.            Continue reading

Conventional Education and Indigenous people in Guyana – By Felician Medino Abraham

September is Indigenous Heritage Month


September is Indigenous Heritage Month. It is also Education Month. In this column I will reflect on the entry of conventional education through schools in indigenous communities, beginning with colonialism. Schooling was designed to “educate us” into being submissive to a foreign, central authority. The strategy was one of social transformation, but with the intention of introducing radical changes to our indigenous cosmology, since indigenous education in essence is based on social interactions and collective actions.          Continue reading

Guyana-born Canadian Muslims among those being stopped at U.S. border with little explanation

 in Demerara Waves –  September 1, 2019
… from Radio Canada International 

Immigration lawyers are concerned about the treatment some Canadian citizens are receiving at the border when they try to enter the United States.

Six have been denied entry over the past two weeks. All are Muslim men.

The men and their families, all of them Canadian citizens, were given little explanation about why they were inadmissible, the lawyers say.          Continue reading

Damaged Harbour Bridge restricted to light traffic from Tuesday Sept. 2, 2019– Minister Patterson

Demerara Harbour Bridge

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson said temporary works on the severely-damaged Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) would be completed by the latest Tuesday morning, allowing for the resumption of light traffic flow across the Demerara River.

The minister gave an update on the situation at the DHB Monday morning on Guyana’s national, state-owned television and radio broadcasting corporation, National Communications Network.    Continue reading

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