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Roger Khan Deported: Held immediately for Ronald Waddell and Donald Allison murders

Deported convicted drug lord , Roger Khan held immediately  on arrival in Guyana

Roger Khan

Guyanese Shaheed ‘ Roger’ Khan, who was deported from the United States (US) Friday night, was immediately taken into custody for the murder of African rights activist, Ronald Waddell and former boxing coach, Donald Allison, his lawyer Glen Hanoman said early  Saturday.

“He is going to be kept in custody. The police are investigating two matters….I was informed that allegations were put to him in my absence. Those allegations related to the murder of Donald Allison and (Ronald ) Waddell and that he would be kept in custody pending investigation so there has been no decision but they are investigating those specific matters so I think we have to allow those investigations to continue,” Hanoman said.              Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Coalition unveils development plans for next decade at GMSA luncheon

President David Granger on Thursday afternoon, attended the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA)’s annual business luncheon held at the Pegasus Hotel.

President David Granger responds to questions posed by some members of the business community. Also photographed are Minister of Public Security, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, (left of President), Mr. Clinton Williams, President of the GMSA, and Minister of Public Infrastructure, Mr. David Patterson (backing camera).

Part of the gathering at the GMSA luncheon

Despite a short delay during which protesters interrupted his presentation, the President, who was the guest speaker, outlined the ten major sectors of development which will aid economic development at the launch of the Decade of Development: 2020-2029.  Continue reading

In Pictures and Video: ‘Biggest Day of Climate Action in Planetary History’ – by Jake Johnson

In Pictures and Video:  Over 4 Million Strike Worldwide in Global Climate Strike

“We’re here to reclaim our right to live, our right to breathe, our right to exist.”

Thousands of demonstrators gather at the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg. (Photo: Axel Heimken/Picture Alliance via Getty Images)

Kicking off what organizers say will be the largest mass climate demonstration in history, millions of young people and their adult allies flooded the streets around the world Friday to take part in the Global Climate Strike and pressure world leaders to confront the ecological crisis with bold and urgent action.


United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network (UGDGN)- Toys for Tots 2019

OPINION: Elections now is a road to hell; still opportunity for reason to prevail – By GHK Lall

–By GHK Lall –  Demerara Waves – September 19, 2019

Elections now! It is clearly an insistence that promises to drag this society from the dark gutter to a deep grave. I believe that the hard, clashing visions and passions are so heated, with matters ever poised at a dangerous pitch, that the clamors are unwise. I hold this position, and it is mine only, regardless of the source of the calls for elections at all costs, and in the soonest time; whether such source is local or a broad-based and pivotal foreign one.

I submit that should there be movement on something resembling elections now, then Guyana would go from comedy to circus to crisis. In terms of the latter, it would be an existential one. What say any Constitution then? What would be the credibility and acceptability of any such elections from any loser? I inquire calmly and politely also: what would be the extent, reach, and effectiveness of any winner?          Continue reading

Foreign Ministry ‘experts’ engage Trinidad on market access for Guyanese products

 — but talks offer no road map for resolution

The two sides: The delegations from Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago

Even as local manufacturers, particularly in the agro-processing sector continue to frown upon the considerable imbalance in trade between Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said in a public statement that local officials are now engaging their counterparts from the twin-island Republic on finding ways of correcting what is widely believed by the local business community to be a protectionist policy that continues to choke off Guyanese imports into that country.            Continue reading

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