Guyanese Online Newsletter- June 2012

Guyanese Online Newsletter: June 2012

Download:    #27 – Guyanese Online Newsletter – June 2012

This monthly newsletter is published on the last day of every month, with news and events for that month.  About 70% of our readers live in the USA, Canada, and the UK, and 30-day Blog statistics show that the blog 41,023 hits, from over 140 countries.  Guyanese Associations can advertise FREE in this newsletter and blog, so send in your information early. Companies can advertise at very low rates.  Please write me at with your requests..

This 27th issue has 28 pages.  Here are the major news categories:  Guyanese Associations News, Guyana’s Parliament and Governance; Project Updates and Foreign Aid; Agriculture, Forestry and Mining;  Business; Education ; Medical News; Tourism; Arts and Cultural News; Caribbean and Regional News; Top 20 Blog Entries and a list of all of the Blog entries for June 2012.

Your comments are welcome. Please put them on the Blog or e-mail me.
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  • guyaneseonline  On 07/18/2012 at 11:39 pm

    Here are some of the comments sent to me regarding the June 2012 newsletter

    From: Bridgit Sam-Bailey Jul 5
    Dear Cyril
    Thank you for including me in your circulation of this Newsletter. I always enjoy reading it, and look forward to receiving it. It brings a lot of information to me, and enables me to keep informed about the Diaspora.

    From: pat Jul 5

    Gotto tell yuh Cy,
    This blog is very interesting. They all are – and by the time I have read through all the articles that are provided, I do not know which to read first. Just to say that if I had the time, I would read most of them and I am not a Guyanese !! Great idea for Guyanese all over the world who are kept up to date on matters in their home country.
    Good Show.
    P.S. Was that you 42 years ago? I would not have recognized you.

    From: Cyril Bryan Jul 5
    to Pat

    Hi Pat:
    Thank you very much Patricia for your comments.
    Just doing my little bit with what God gave me.
    People like it so it gives me the momentum to carry on.
    Yes that is me 42 years ago on July30, 1970
    It seems like only a few years ago…. but time moves on really fast

    From: Leonard Dabydeen Jul 5
    Dear Cyril,

    Just want to say you’re doing an excellent service to the Guyanese and Caribbean community with your publication of the monthly newsletter and the blog. Thank you very much for opening up opportunities for Guyanese to make posts in the Arts and Culture section and other sections as well.
    Best Regards,
    From: Nar Singh Jul 6
    Congrats on an excellent edition. Thanks for your support for the Neonatal Medical Project at the Georgetown Hospital featured in the June newsletter.
    Dr Narendra C. Singh
    Chief of Pediatrics
    Humber River Regional Hospital
    Associate Clinical Professor
    McMaster University

    Ken Corsbie Jul 6
    Absolutely great work Cyril…… will remind myself to send anything interesting for your consideration..


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