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Apology issued to Ramkarran- PPP; he remains mum

Apology issued to Ramkarran- PPP; he remains mum

July 2, 2012 – Demerara Waves

The Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) on Monday said an apology was offered to long-serving and well-respected party member, Ralph Ramkarran, and the governing party remained hopeful that he would rescind his resignation.

Ramkarran has declined to comment. It is unclear whether he has received the apology.

“The offending remark was withdrawn by the member and an apology was also offered,” the PPP said in a statement.

At the centre of the dispute is Ramkarran’s recent article in the PPP-aligned Mirror Newspaper that rampant corruption must be uprooted.             Continue reading

Cricket: Gayle, Narine star as WI sweep series v New Zealand in Florida

West Indies v New Zealand, 2nd Twenty20, Florida

Gayle, Narine star as WI sweep series

The Report by Abhishek Purohit  July 1, 2012

Dwayne Bravo – smashed 4 sixes in 11 balls

West Indies 177 for 5 (Gayle 53, Bravo 35*, McCullum 2-19) beat New Zealand 116 (Narine 4-12) by 61 runs
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details

Chris Gayle provided the substance, yet again, Dwayne Bravo provided the late blast, and Sunil Narine ended New Zealand’s chase before it could even begin. West Indies completed their second big win over New Zealand to take the Florida and Twenty20 leg of the series 2-0. Already weakened by injuries to key players, including captain Ross Taylor, New Zealand had no answer to West Indies’ combination of power, explosiveness and intrigue.

Gayle threatened to cause as much damage as he had on Saturday before Nathan McCullum restricted him to 53, but Bravo’s burst ensured West Indies had another substantial total to defend. Continue reading

Cricket: Gayle, Pollard shine in big win v New Zealand in Florida

West Indies v New Zealand, 1st Twenty20, Florida

Gayle, Pollard shine in big win

The Report by George Binoy    June 30, 2012

Chris Gayle – Man of the Match

West Indies 209 for 2 (Gayle 85*, Pollard 63*) beat New Zealand 153 (Nicol 32, Narine 3-34) by 56 runs

Any worries that the first Twenty20 international in Lauderhill, Florida, would be a dreary contest because of a slow pitch were allayed by an exhibition of power hitting from the West Indian batsmen, much to the delight of the strong Caribbean contingent in the crowd.

Kieron Pollard and Chris Gayle were the headliners, hitting missiles into the stands during a 108-run partnership plundered at almost 16 runs an over. Gayle began his innings watchfully but then accelerated to build a sound platform, Continue reading

The Legendary Porknockers of Guyana – Two Historical letters



By Dmitri Allicock – for Guyanese Online

The ability of the individual gold prospector or Pork knocker to withstand adversities of the tropical jungle life mixed with his reputation for big spending, rum drinking and womanizing became legend. These men and their stories have generated a corpus of tales and even a mythology. They have found their way into folklore and because of their existence “in the bush” their lore is associated with other folk material and traditions that have come out of the traditions and superstitious beliefs of that environment.

The pork knockers inspired the imagination of generations to write inspirational poems and books. These include the novel Black Midas by Jan Carew, an account of the legend of the famous pork knocker Ocean Shark. Educational Broadcast Corp. produced a remarkable presentation Up River through Guyana in 1993 which highlighted the search for the esteemed Pork knocker of Guyana.

The Porknocker was also famous for the letters they wrote to their sweethearts whose fidelity was a concern at least.


THE BERBICE CHAIR – By Dmitri Allicock


By Dmitri Allicock – for Guyanese Online

 It seems that since humankind first stood up to see over the tall Savannah grasses, we’ve been looking for a place to sit back down and relax. The historical record is not quite so succinct, however—but when early migratory peoples first settled down into a domesticated lifestyle, it appears one mark of the civilized person was a seat that elevated the body “away from the cold, damp floor”. By the simple act of constructing an artificial place to sit, humans began the long tradition of distinguishing themselves from the animal world.

The earliest known form of Greek chair dates back to six or seven centuries BC. On the frieze of the Parthenon Zeus occupies a square seat with a bar-back and thick turned legs; it is ornamented with winged sphinxes and the feet of beasts. The characteristic Roman chairs were of marble, also adorned with sphinxes. The most famous of the very few chairs which have come down from a remote antiquity is the reputed chair of Saint Peter in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Read complete article: THE BERBICE CHAIR – by Dmitri Allicock

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