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Linden Tragedy – July 18-19, 2012 – two videos

Linden Tragedy –  Wednesday July 18 – video 1

There’s a heaviness and great sorrow hanging over the Linden community this evening following the tragedy that broke out last evening when the police opened fire on protestors at the Mackenzie Wismar bridge with tear gas, pellets and live rounds. That action by the police left 3 persons dead, all with gunshot wounds according to medical officials who were on duty at the Mackenzie hospital. Over 12 other persons were injured. It was pandemonium at the hospital and through the streets of the town as residents said the action by the police was uncalled for. Continue reading

Western diplomats urge talks over Linden crisis

Western diplomats urge talks over Linden crisis; US embassy staff prohibited from Linden

As unrest continued in Linden against a steep hike in electricity rates, three Western Nations on Thursday appealed for calm with at least one of the diplomatic missions banning its staff to travel to Linden.

“We appeal to all parties and stakeholders to work together in a spirit of national unity to prevent any further violence and to resolve current tensions through an open and inclusive dialogue,” the Canadian, British and American diplomatic representatives said in  brief statement.                    Continue reading

Guyana Killings – PNC says charge ROHEE AND COP HIKEN

Guyana Killings – PNC says charge ROHEE AND COP HIKEN

Guyana Killings – PNC says charge ROHEE AND COP HIKEN

The PNCR calls for the immediate resignation of the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee. He is just as guilty as policeman Hiken and should also be charged with murder. Reliable sources in the Guyana Police Force have confirmed that the Minister was giving direct instructions to this rogue cop and is, therefore, responsible for the murder of innocent citizens.

PRESS RELEASE  BY:      People’s National Congress Reform

Thursday, July 19, 2012


The Peoples National Congress Reform condemns the wanton shooting and brutal killing of innocent citizens of Linden yesterday, Wednesday 18th July 2012, by the PPP/C Government controlled elements of the Guyana Police Force while these citizens were exercising their guaranteed Constitutional rights by engaging in a peaceful demonstration at Linden. The Party conveys its deepest condolences to the wives, children and relatives of those killed and also expresses sympathy to the many who are now suffering from the injuries caused by the indiscriminate shooting. The Party also wishes to convey its appreciation to the medical personnel who are now rendering needed assistance to the injured.

Read press release: Guyana Killings – PNC says charge ROHEE AND COP HIKEN

Police Commander to be changed following Linden killings

Police Commander to be changed following Linden killings

Thursday, 19 July 2012 21:07 Demerara Waves

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has directed acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell to immediately make changes at the command level of E&F Division in which Linden falls following the police killing of three protesters there.

This was revealed in a statement released by the Ministry of Home Affairs Thursday night.
“The Minister of Home Affairs has, within the meaning of the Police Act Ch 16:01 has issued general and specific directions to the Commissioner of Police (ag) to effect immediate changes at the Command level at E & F Police Division of which Linden is an integral part,” it read.

According to the release, the ministry has been following with deep interest “the unfortunate turn of events at Linden which resulted in the tragic shooting to death of three Guyanese citizens who were involved in protest actions.”

Read article: Police Commander to be changed following Linden killings

APNU, Police Commissioner at odds over shooting of protesters

APNU, Police Commissioner at odds over shooting of protesters

Demerara Waves – Thursday, 19 July 2012 13:13

Even as Police Commissioner, Leroy Brumell defended Wednesday’s police shooting of protesters, the parliamentary opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) urged that the police involved in firing be suspended.

Condemning the killing of three protesters and deeming them “murderous attacks” on “unprovoked” citizens exercising their constitutional rights, APNU urged an end to aggressive security operations.

“APNU calls on the President, Mr. Donald Ramotar, to immediately cease the security forces’ aggressive operations against unarmed residents and to suspend the officer-in-charge and the ranks alleged to have been involved in the shooting,” he said.

The Police Commissioner dismissed APNU’s calls for the officer-in-charge and the ranks alleged to have been involved in the shooting to be suspended. “When we do the postmortem and other things we would know what actually occurred.”

Read article: APNU, Police Commissioner at odds over shooting of protesters

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