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Rohee to face no confidence motion in parliament

Rohee to face no confidence motion in parliament

Written by Kwesi Isles   Demerara Waves
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 17:59
The combined opposition parties are to lay a motion of no confidence in Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee in parliament on Wednesday following the deaths of three protesters in clashes with the police at Linden last week.The motion, initiated by the AFC, comes one week after the trio was shot during protests against the government’s move to increase electricity rates in the town to bring them on par with the rest of the country.“We are going to be doing that tomorrow in the National Assembly.

Even before the AFC’s initiative I had written the Speaker of the National Assembly asking for a special sitting of the National Assembly to discuss what is called an urgent matter of public importance … and permission has been given by the Speaker for that matter to be discussed,” Opposition Leader David Granger told reporters at a news briefing Tuesday.         Continue reading

Digicel in huge slash of international rates; GT&T appeals High Court ruling

Digicel in huge slash of international rates; GT&T appeals High Court ruling

The Chief Executive Officer of Digicel (Guyana), Gregory Dean on Tuesday said his company is going ahead with its 62 percent cut in overseas rates from Tuesday in keeping with a  High  Court ruling, even as the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) says it has filed an appeal.

Dean told Demerara Waves Online News (www.demwaves.com) that he was unaware of an appeal and his company intended to slash its rates by 62 percent to the Caribbean, United States, and Canada.  The company says the cost of calls to China and Brazil will also be reduced by more than 80 percent.     read article:  Digicel in huge slash of international rates

Linden protesters gear for the long haul

Linden protesters gear for the long haul

By Cathy Richards On July 23, 2012 http://www.stabroeknews.com 

Blocked Kara-Kara bridge – Linden

Tension rose in Linden yesterday after a protestor was beaten by a member of the police Tactical Services Unit (TSU) even as residents maintained roadblocks and vowed to continue their protest beyond the planned five days if there is no progress on meeting their demands.

With the protest – which initially started on Wednesday as one focusing on the hike in electricity tariffs but has since morphed into one that encompasses other issues including the fatal shooting of three men on Wednesday evening – set to continue indefinitely, at the start of Day Five yesterday, emphasis was placed on maintaining blocks, re-erecting those removed by the joint services, and the holding of an interfaith service. Ron Somerset, 18; Shemroy Bouyea and Allan Lewis, 46, were those killed after police fired on the protestors.      Read article: Linden protests gear for long haul

Linden Unrest – News Update – July 24, 2012 – 6 articles

Injured protester air-dashed to Georgetown after condition worsens

Ulric Michael, one of the Linden protestors who was shot and wounded by the police last Wednesday was this morning air-dashed to the city on a GDF helicopter after his condition took a turn for the worse.

Stabroek News was told that Michael, 33 years old, of 23 Canvas City is now unconscious. Following the incident, he had been admitted a patient of the Intensive Care Unit of the Linden Hospital Complex with gunshot wounds to the chest.

Ramotar’s offers “insufficient’” – Granger

On Tuesday morning July 24, the opposition leader and APNU chairman said Ramotar’s commitments were “necessary but insufficient.”

“We have certain demands on the table and it is a move forward that the president has started speaking directly to (Region 10 Chairman (Sharma) Solomon which is consistent with a July 10 call I made in a four-point plan which was even before the shooting,” Granger stated.

Region 10 Chairman tight-lipped about negotiations 

Tuesday July 24, 2012 – Demerara Waves                                       Continue reading

Letter from London – Guyana and the Olympics

Letter from London – Guyana and the Olympics

By Bruce-Malcolm Nobrega – July 24, 2012

London is buzzing, anxiously awaiting the arrival of all our Olympian guests, as well as the commencement of this great cavalcade of sport. We the Guyanese Diaspora in London and the U.K generally, are hoping to beam with pride at the sight of our own flag the golden arrowhead fluttering in the breeze, distinct from all others, even that of South Africa, which closely resembles ours.    London is a city that now claims that ‘We are the World’ on account of every community on the planet being a part of this land, and we the Guyanese are here and want to cheer, not only for Team GB, our adopted land, nor for the athletes of other lands like Jamaica, because we don’t have the representatives out there, but for our own.

I remember, and not many people know this, is that Guyana in 1959, won the West Indies Athletic Championships. Yes we did … MacDonald Bailey, a great Trinidadian Olympian was our coach, and Guyana did not win the men’s sprints or/nor men’s middle distance races, although the talent was there, but where we dominated was in the women’s events. Guyanese women totally dominated 1-2-3- in almost every event. Track stars like Myrna Fawcett, Yvonne Smith, Claudette Maasdammer, Brenda Archer, Wilma Paris. It is believed that the female athletes owed their success to the talented coach Bertie Mc Dougall, who trained many of these outstanding athletes in the 1950’s and 1960’s.            Continue reading

LINDEN – commentary


By Stabroek staff On July 22, 2012 Editorial |

Last week, demonstrators were on the streets of the major cities of Spain in their hundreds of thousands. On Thursday evening, protestors in central Madrid blocked traffic in several avenues and punctured tyres on police riot vans. As the evening wore on some demonstrators became more violent, hurling missiles, confronting the police and setting rubbish bins alight, among other things. The police in full riot gear responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. There were a few arrests and according to news reports, six injuries. No one was killed. On Wednesday last week, a few thousand demonstrators marched in Linden, with perhaps around two to four thousand or so congregated in the area on and around the Wismar-Mackenzie bridge. They were entirely peaceful and there was no violence. The police, equipped for battle, responded with tear gas, pellets and live ammunition. They shot three people dead and injured at least twenty. Something is fundamentally wrong.

Eyewitnesses told this newspaper that the police who fired the live rounds were about a dozen or fifteen members of the special squad, or what they called the “black clothes” police. If so, they seem to be walking in the footsteps of their namesakes who were disbanded, and clearly those who direct them have drawn no lessons from that dissolution. Neither, it seems, has the government. Continue reading

Lindo Creek and Linden – commentary

Lindo Creek and Linden

 By Stabroek staff On July 23, 2012 Editorial | No Comments

News that the investigation into the macabre killing of eight men at Lindo Creek in 2008 has come to an end is unlikely to convince members of the public that real answers will be forthcoming.

There are many questions about this particularly heinous deed which are unanswered, foremost among which are who killed the eight men and how were they  able to evade the justice system?   It has been four long and difficult years for relatives who must now try to come to terms with the passing of their loved ones by burying remains, the discovery of which, has not helped them to see the culpable punished. It is an empty feeling and one that perpetuates a gnawing sense of injustice.

President Ramotar and his government have inherited an unfortunate legacy of stalled, still-born and unproductive investigations of many important matters.  It was something that never apparently troubled former President Jagdeo. However President Ramotar is in a much weaker position having not won a majority of the vote at last year’s elections and there will be much greater pressure from the public to deliver on probes such as Lindo Creek.   [ more ]

Dave Martins – August 25, 2012 in Toronto, Canada

Small section of Demerara Harbour Bridge sinks – light traffic resumes

Small section of Demerara Harbour Bridge sinks

By Stabroek editor On July 23, 2012 

A small section of the Demerara Habour Bridge this morning sank causing all traffic to be halted. General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, Rawlston Adams this morning told reporters that at around 6:45 am today the 60th and 61st temporary pontoons of the bridge sank which caused the sub-spans to be submerged.

While they have begun repair work, Adams said the bridge would be out of operation for the best part of today and tomorrow. He hopes that the bridge will be reopened to light vehicular traffic by tomorrow afternoon Tuesday July 24.   Full story here >  Small section of Demerara Harbour Bridge sinks

Also read:  No ferry contingency plans for Demerara Bridge emergencies in sight

Light traffic resumes on Harbour Bridge

July 26, 2012.  KNEWS

Cars and “light” traffic started flowing on the Demerara Harbour Bridge yesterday midday, more than 48 hours after a section collapsed. The opening brought much needed relief for stressed commuters. Shortly after 13:00hrs yesterday, the… […]

— Post # 1680

Linden Unrest – News Update – July 23, 2012 – 5 articles

Rohee dismisses call for his resignation

July 23, 2012.  KNEWS  — says “My conscience is very clear on this matter…I will not run in a cupboard and hide”.

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, has admitted to having a strategy/briefing session with the Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brummel and… […]

Business community hugely affected by protest – PSC

JULY 23, 2012  KNEWS     — access in and out of Linden difficult

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is calling on relevant parties to have meaningful talks on returning Linden to normalcy, taking into consideration the adverse social and economic impacts the unrest there has on the community and the country as a whole. The protest in the mining town, […]                                               Continue reading

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