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PPPC hate speech in Guyana Chronicle Editorial should be rejected …

PPPC hate speech in Guyana Chronicle Editorial should be rejected by all citizens – commentary by Brutal Facts

The Guyana Chronicle editorial on July 3rd  (see below), allowed us a peek into the mindset of the ruling PPPC party. As evidence of corruption continues to be revealed, citizens of Guyana are slowly realizing how they have been disenfranchised by this cabal for the past 19 years. Every dollar stolen from the Guyana treasury is a dollar taken away from better roads, improved education, running water, crime, healthcare, more jobs and government’s ability to carry out their mandate of improving the lives of Guyanese citizens through development.

The corruption is so pervasive and the leaders so entitled that they display an unapologetic boldness in revealing the spoils of their nefarious activities. From the ever growing concrete mansions to the multiple North American vacations, to the luxury cars, multiple foreign and local investments to the ongoing acquisition of prime properties in Guyana, the corruption continues unabated; So much so that the latest defector from the PPPC party, Mr Ralph Ramkarran exhausted himself fighting against this tide. He simply gave up and walked away.  Continue reading

Mr Sattaur’s exit from NCN – commentary

Mr Sattaur’s exit from NCN – commentary

 Stabroek News – July 2, 2012  Editorial | Comments

In the era of former President Jagdeo and a PPP/C parliamentary majority, the shake-up that has been visited upon state TV, the National Communications Network would have been unheard of. Friday’s announcement that the Chief Executive Officer of NCN, Mr Mohammed Sattaur, tendered his resignation to President Donald Ramotar and programme manager Mr Martin Goolsarran has been suspended for eight weeks has to be interpreted in the backdrop of the change in presidency and the pressures that have been brought to bear as a result of the PPP/C’s loss of majority in Parliament.

Mr Sattaur survived a previous attempt by the board to discipline him after President Jagdeo intervened on his behalf. This time there was no rescuing Mr Sattaur and after the board had concluded its investigations into various matters that arose recently out of NCN’s relationship with GT&T it became clear that Mr Sattaur would have to go. In the Jagdeo era none of that would matter.       Continue reading

Boosting your ‘digital Intelligence’ in a ‘mobile digital future’

Tips for boosting your ‘digital IQ’

By Sunil Mithas, Published: July 1, 2012 – Capital Business

Digital intelligence, the ability to understand and make use of the power of information technology to one’s advantage, is becoming a critical skill for survival and success in today’s economy. Information technology can make or break any type of organization – large or small. That’s why if you want to be a successful manager, you need to develop and continuously sharpen your skills.Generally, most companies are just beginning to figure out how to integrate IT, and they’re hiring CEOs and top executives based on ability to navigate the digital future facing their industries.                        Continue reading

Diet, Doctor- and Drug-Avoidance Can Help You Live Longer

Diet, Doctor- and Drug-Avoidance Can Help You Live Longer

July 02 2012  –  By Dr. Mercola

In an unusual story of Rosario Schielzeth, a woman who turned 104 in June, newspaper reporters wanted to know her secret for a long lifei. Her answer consisted of just two simple rules that she’s always lived by:

  1. Watching what she eats, and
  2. Staying away from doctors

Before you assume that this lady lives in some far-off country where her life principles can’t be questioned or proven, know that she lives in Sarasota, Florida. She needs a walker as an aid in moving around, but other than that she has perfect vision since her cataract surgery, and doesn’t need a hearing aid.

And she still manages to go to the movies, the mall, and the beach for ice cream. Another amazing thing about her is that she’s the round-the-clock care-taker of her 87-year-old daughter, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Rosario and her daughter with Alzheimer’s serve as a powerful harbinger of what is to come for future generations. It has long been predicted that the youth will not live as long as their parents. The subtle unstated implication however is that this also includes chronic degenerative diseases that will prematurely kill or cripple you.  Continue reading

THE CANE-CUTTER – By Norman Datt


By Norman Datt

The Cane Cutter

Fo-day manin -cack a crow
And he know he gat to go
And all he gat is e sharp twenty-two
And e food-carrier so shiny and new

Today is had wok this whole munth
Today we gat to full all dem punt
At break-time me tek a lil smoke
And Kadwah guh crak a joke

And then the dam lead- han’
Playing lek some white man
Sometimes behave like a real jerk
Come and chase us back to work

Download article: The cane-cutter – by Norman Datt

Rainstorm- an Arawak story – by Dmitri Allicock

Rainstorm- an Arawak story

A nostalgic story of childhood in Guyana… for rainy days

By Dmitri Allicock for Guyanese Online  

Outside the hut, the rain was beginning to fall.  Inside, the old Arawak sat with his grandchildren.
“Ah! Said the old man, Rainstorm is weeping.”
“Who is Rainstorm?” asked the boy. “Why is Rainstorm weeping?” asked the girls.
This is the story that the old man told…
Long, long ago, before men lived on the earth, there was a great land among the clouds called Skyland.
No one had ever seen the earth.
People lived in Skyland just as they live on the earth today.  The men and boys hunted and fished. The women and girls cooked and washed.
After a great hunt, there would be a great feast.
Then the Great Hunter would sing:
Ya-ho!  Ya-ho!
Ya-ho! Ho-ho!      
And all the mothers of girls and boys would join and sing:
Ya-ho! Ho-ho!

Download article:  RAINSTORM- A nostalgic Arawak story for children

Embassy officials in Los Angeles Saturday July 21, 2012

Embassy officials in Los Angeles on Saturday July 21, 2012

Representatives from the Embassy of Guyana will be in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 21, 2012 to renew and take applications for new passports.  They will also be performing other consular duties like notorizing documents, life certificates, etc.

Please relay the information to Guyanese citizens who wish to take advantage of this visit.  A site had not yet been confirmed, so please write  Joe D’Oliveira if you are interested at: jdoliveira@sbcglobal.net  or phone Joe at telephone numbers:   (310) 320-8955 or (310) 963-3370.

We know that many Guyanese did not renew or apply for new passports because of the logistical problems of traveleing to Washington or New York.  The Guyana government is making this available until such time that an Honorary Consul can be appointed.

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