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The sickeningly racist Guyana Chronicle editorial – by Imran Khan: AFC

The sickeningly racist Guyana Chronicle editorial – by Imran Khan: AFC

July 9, 2012

‘The sickeningly racist Guyana Chronicle editorial has been thankfully, if not resoundingly, condemned’  ….   by Imran Khan

The sickeningly racist Guyana Chronicle editorial has been thankfully, if not resoundingly, condemned. There has been some response but a half-hearted apology and talk of resignation notwithstanding, this bold declaration by the Chronicle, must open the nation’s eyes to the gravity of the racism cancer being perpetuated in our midst. And it is being cultivated by those who benefit from it.

So well have they thought it has flourished that they have now become emboldened to formalize it in a written declaration to the nation. Our sensitivities have been repulsed by the printed words but these words are the manifestation of the conviction of swathes of Guyanese who have been so indoctrinated through bottom-house engagements.

These are not, we must not be led to accept, the isolated rantings of a lone crusader. To quote Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley, “this is real”. We will recall the “bottom of the social ladder” comment, the marginalization, the discrimination and the now token acceptance that Afro-Guyanese are second, even third class citizens in their own country.    Continue reading

Ramotar wants diplomats to help turn brain-drain into advantage

Ramotar wants diplomats to help turn brain-drain into advantage

JULY 10, 2012 | BY  |    …says migration figures ‘startling’

Admitting that the country’s migration figures are “startling,” President Donald Ramotar yesterday urged the country’s diplomats to turn that “brain drain” into an advantage for the country.
He said that while Guyanese in the Diaspora could be encouraged to invest home, their expertise and skills in various areas could also  help to fashion successful development programmes here.

President Donald Ramotar, Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds with Guyana’s diplomats at the opening of a conference yesterday.

Diplomats stationed as far away as Kuwait, China and India were flown into the country for a one-week conference that the government hopes would orient them about its vision for the country. Continue reading

Mr. Ramkarran and the PPP – commentary

Mr. Ramkarran and the PPP

Stabroek staff On July 8, 2012  Editorial | Comments

Guyanese politics could hardly be accused of being boring – at least most of the time. And last week it lived up to its reputation with the resignation of Ralph Ramkarran from the PPP and the revelation that the government had hired a Trinidad-based Senior Counsel to assist them with their case against the budget cuts in the High Court.

It was the resignation of Mr Ramkarran, of course, which stopped the party and the nation in their tracks, although one might have thought that given the recent tenor of his contributions to the Weekend Mirror, it should have occurred to his more discerning comrades that trying to bully him into submission was not the recommended strategy if they wanted to keep him within the fold. And they surely wanted to keep him within the fold, since they are now seeking an accommodation, which is why there has been none of the vilification which accompanied the exile of Messrs Ramjattan and Nagamootoo from the bosom of Freedom House.   Continue reading

QC Alumni Association – Toronto – Appreciation Awards – July 15, 2012 – reminder

Invites   All Alumni and Friends  to

 Our Appreciation Awards Event

  Date:   Sunday, July 15, 2012

 Time:       2.00 pm to 6.00 pm

 Venue:  Tall Pines Community Centre

    64 Rylander Boulevard

      Scarborough, Ontario. Canada

                     Tel.No. for Centre #416-396-4350     

Map on our website: http://www.qcalumnitoronto.com

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Michael Chan, MRCP, FRCP(C)

   Psychiatrist    –   Guyana Scholar (1976)    –   Rhodes Scholar  (1982)  

                  Topic: “Remembering the Past – when terror hit Q.C.”

                             Admission Free  Refreshments will be served

Please join us as we pay tribute to our Alumni and friends for their services and leadership provided to the Association.

Download flyer: Appreciation Awards 2012 Flyer

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