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Guyana Association of Georgia – celebrates Georgetown’s 200th

RECEPTION – Saturday July 28, 2012 – Decatur, GA

The Guyana Association of Georgia is collaborating with the Mayor of Georgetown and the City Council to celebrate the 200th birthday of the City of Georgetown and also to launch the Georgetown website with an aim of bringing the city back to “Garden City” status.

350 Year Old Wooden Church in Poland

You use your mouse to see a 360 degree view and use your wheel to zoom in/out

350 Year Old Wooden Church in Poland

This is an incredible small town Church with priceless artwork !!
If you like viewing old Churches, I’m sure will enjoy this picture.
Scroll down to the URL and double click on it.
A full screen is a must to view this in order to do the camera and artwork justice!
Follow the pointers at the bottom of the picture to see the whole interior of the
Church in detail — pan around up, down, sideways, etc.; then zoom in
To look at areas and objects for minute detail.  Don’t go too fast, you’ll get dizzy.
The extensive art work of the period is mind boggling!!
This old wooden church in south west Poland (near Wroclaw ) is truly beautiful
For its amazing artwork. It must have taken years to construct with the tools available
At the time, and the art work and ceiling paintings even longer!

Sufficient evidence of corruption exists – Dr. Roger Luncheon

Sufficient evidence of corruption exists – Dr. Roger Luncheon

JULY 8, 2012 | BY  |

Corruption is said to be a disease that eats away at the confidence, a people have in their Government, and while the government isn’t denying the outright existence of corruption in Guyana, it is questioning the motivation behind those on the ‘corruption crusade bandwagon.’
This was expanded on by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon during a post Cabinet Press briefing at Office of the President, yesterday morning. (July 7, 2012)

Pres. Donald Ramotar

Head of State Donald Ramotar takes a swipe at the corruption crusaders. He was speaking mere hours after Head of State Donald Ramotar sought to castigate those whom he says label every project being undertaken by Government in its developmental drive, as being tainted by corruption.
Ramotar’s comments were made at the opening ceremony of the Third Annual International Building Exposition, being held at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence.

Hundreds packed the tarmac of the National Stadium to listen to the President launch the Expo.
Ramotar as he delivered his verbal vitriol said that “There seems to be a mentality created to try to criticize projects that can transform our country and bring a better standard of living for our people”            Continue reading

Political leaders, activists call for reform of Chronicle

Political leaders, activists call for reform of Chronicle


Political leaders and civil society activists are calling for a reform of the state-owned Guyana Chronicle and the state media in general.

They say that the Guyana Chronicle is being used by the ruling party to peddle fabrications and misinformation, and to make personal attacks against those who share a different view of the government.

For Gerhard Ramsaroop of the Alliance for Change (AFC), the Guyana Chronicle crossed the line in its July 2, 2012 editorial claiming that “Black youths are socialised by opposition leaders to think that Indians robbed them to get rich, so they automatically feel that they have to wrest by force, even murder, anything Indians have.”                Continue reading

President Donald Ramotar is presiding over the death of the PPP

From the Diaspora…


JULY 8, 2012 | BY  |           By Ralph Seeram

Some years ago on a visit to Guyana, I had the misfortune of experiencing a relative dying. It was not pleasant, but it was an experience that remains indelibly in memory. He had an enlarged heart and was told he can die any day. The night after he received the news, he had a transformation, a total 180 degrees change in personality. The spirit of death had visited him. You would have to see this to believe what I about to say. The spirit of death was transforming his personality.

One could tell there was an internal battle going on between his conscious self and the shadows of death, his illogical utterances interspaced with some logical conversation, his unbelievable display of strength, the constant back and forth conversation between himself and the spirit of death, all totally out of character with the person I knew.

A few hours later all was quiet; the spiritual battle was finished; death had won. And as he lay on his death bed in the final throes of life he began to”travel”. The physical battle began. Death starts at the sole of your feet and works its way up. His feet were cold then lifeless, same for his legs and waist. The Pastor said even though he appeared unconscious he could still hear.   Continue reading

Today’s media is prominent in Guyana’s democracy – US Ambassador

Today’s media is prominent in Guyana’s democracy

JULY 8, 2012 | BY  | says  – US Ambassador
                                        US Ambassador to Guyana, D. Brent Hardt   >>

U.S. Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt, has charged the US embassy in Guyana to find creative new ways to achieve shared goals between Guyana and the US.

Ambassador Hardt is determined to forge a mutually beneficial partnership between the countries to help build a safe and secure, democratic, prosperous and healthy Guyana that would see the United States as a friend and ally.

He made those remarks on the occasion of American Independence Day at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence, on July 4.

Speaking on Guyana’s political climate, he expressed confidence that Guyana will continue to come together as a nation and find ways to work in the national interest, even as it debates and discusses different approaches and priorities.   Continue reading

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