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Moths: Beauty Concealed in Darkness – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Moths: Beauty Concealed in Darkness

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Growing up in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, I developed a dislike for moths. They were tiny, hairy, grayish-brown insects that destroyed our clothes and feasted on our rice grains and beans. They did their work in secret, in the dark. To keep them away, we placed foul-scented naphthalene mothballs in our chest of drawers, wardrobes, and cupboards.

Imagine my surprise when I learned in school that moths and butterflies belong to the same family called Lepidoptera. Next to the beautiful and brightly colored butterfly, the moth is the ugly cousin. And, as life would have it, the species of ugly cousins outnumber their attractive relatives by almost ten to one.

When I moved to the tropical rainforest region of Northwest Guyana, to teach at the secondary school in Mabaruma, I discovered a whole new world of moths I never knew existed. Up to that time, I had harbored prejudice towards thousands of species of moths based on the noxious behavior of a few.   [more]

Guyanese artist – Conrad Meertins – launches gallery

Guyanese artist – Conrad Meertins – launches gallery in Guyana

July 4, 2012 | By |

Artist Conrad H. Meertins with some of his paintings

Having been painting for over 50 years, Guyanese artist, Conrad H. Meertins, decided that “it is about time” that he launched his very own art gallery. He did so two Saturdays ago. It is titled “Van Meer Art”.

The showcasing of Meertins life’s work will be done at his residence in Cul-de-sac Street, Kitty, Georgetown.
Born on September 23, 1943, Meertins says he was captivated by art from an early age.

In pursuing his dream, he was the winner of a competition at age 10.
He was lucky to have been tutored by prominent Guyanese artist, Edgar R. Burrowes at Queen’s College.             Continue reading

Jamaica: The Sprint Factory – Video Feature by CBC Sports

Jamaica:The Sprint Factory – Video Feature by CBC Sports

Thursday, June 21st, 2012 (CBC News  Canada)

Melanie Walker- Jamaica
400m Hurdles – Gold

Stephanie Jenzer of CBC’s The National has produced a wonderful feature titled “The Sprint Factory” in which she takes an close look Jamaica to find out why we produce so many of the worlds fastest sprinters. She notes that Jamaica currently owns just about all the 100m titles in the work at the Olympic, World Champion and Junior level.

She also follows 2 Jamaica College athletes as they compete at Champs. Hats off to Stephanie and the CBC team on a wonderful feature that is a must see for all Jamaicans and fans of Jamaican sprinting.

Go to website and view the video:  Jamaica:The Sprint Factory – video by CBC Sports

Guyana Chronicle Board Chairman apologises for racially-themed editorial

Guyana Chronicle Board Chairman apologises for racially-themed editorial

Saturday July 7, 2012 (Demerara Waves)

Chairman of the Board of the Guyana Chronicle Keith Burrowes has expressed shock at a racially-themed editorial carried earlier this week in the state-owned newspaper and says the board may resign en bloc as a result of the “slippage.”

Speaking to Demerara Waves Online News on Saturday, Burrowes said he only learnt of the issue on Friday and in speaking to some other Board members discovered that they felt the same way.

“Personally speaking I don’t tolerate those things at all. The most I can do is apologise and hope it is accepted. I may resign and if my colleagues agree we will do so en bloc,” he said.   Continue reading

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