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CASWA Health and Community Fair – Brooklyn, NY – August 11, 2012

Download Flyer  to view or print: CASWA Health Day – August 11, 2012 – Brooklyn, NY.

Guyana Heritage Foundation – Seattle: Family Fun Day September 8, 2012

Download Flyer to view or print:12th Guyana Family Fun Day Flyer

Last Lap Lime 2012 – Toronto: St Stanislaus Alumni Ticket Sales

Download Flyer for printing: LLL ticket sales poster

There are police ranks involved in corrupt activities – says Rohee

There are police ranks involved in corrupt activities – says Rohee

JULY 17, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, while meeting with the private sector of the Corentyne, has said that there is no perfect Police Force in the world.
He questioned which country in the world has a “perfect police force. Name me the perfect families; the perfect individuals…and then I will ask you, if you don’t have perfection in a family…Then I will ask you, you tell me why we expect to have a perfect police force.”
Just as families have the so-called ‘black- sheep’ and wayward ones, similarly we should accept that the Police Force cannot be perfect.     Continue reading

Raymond Lee Own & Triple Play BBQ/Dance – Toronto – August 5, 2012

St. Stanislaus College Alumni – Toronto Dance August 3, 2012

Boney M. – Rivers of Babylon – 1978 video with lyrics

Boney M. – Rivers of Babylon – lyrics

By the rivers of Babylon,
there we sat down
ye-eah we wept,
when we remembered Zion.                  Continue reading

BONEY M – Brown girl in the ring (1978) HD video

BONEY M – Brown girl in the ring (1978) HD video

A hit by Boney M called “Brown Girl in the Ring” from 1978 in HD and HQ Sound.
With original audio and the video of this great pop group singing its unforgettable classic.

Boney M was a Eurodance band that made an exceptional album that reached fame during the decade of the 70’s. It was created by German producer Frank Farian in 1975, then working for the German Hansa, and was composed of four West Indian artists working in London, Germany and Netherlands.  Continue reading

Blooming Cacti – Beautiful! – “Positive side of life”

Blooming Cacti – Beautiful! – “Positive side of life”

This is a slide show featuring blooming cacti and outlining the “positive side of life”.

Click link to view: POSITIVESIDEOFLIFE 

“Why America’s Not the Greatest Country” – HBO’s NEWSROOM video

HBO’s NEWSROOM Opening scene “Why”

Beginning scene of the new HBO series The Newsroom explaining why America’s Not the Greatest Country Any Longer… But It Can Be.

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