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AFC suspects cover up in NCN probe

AFC suspects cover up in NCN probe

    ….   Calls for full disclosure

The AFC initiated removal of subsidy to NCN has resulted in the disclosure of gross financial irregularities at the State owned National Communications Network. The Party now feels fully vindicated for taking the bold and unprecedented step to cut the allocations for NCN that was presented in the 2012 National Budget. The people of Guyana now see it was the right thing to do.

As a result, of the decision to cut the allocation, we learnt that NCN was raking in more than $500 million from commercial activities, leading President Ramotar to order a probe into the company’s operations.

We have all since learnt that persons at NCN were collecting money on behalf of the company and putting it into their personal bank accounts. This is tantamount to fraudulent conversion. We do not know the full scope and depth of financial impropriety at NCN whether it is confined to the revelation of $3 million from GT & T or whether there is more. We suspect, based on the government’s call for the resignation of the CEO, that there is much more.    Continue reading



By Dmitri Allicock   –  for Guyanese Online

Guyanese children, accustomed to microwave ovens, computers, fast food and cell phones, are truly fascinated by the artifacts of their culture and time. It prompts the older generations to reminisce on the changes that they have experienced and how technology, or its absence, has affected their lives and the lives of their descendants. So many of yesterdays comforts are now obsolete and being rapidly lost to the fog of history.

Social historians tell us that the artifacts of a culture offer the most revealing evidence about what a given society was like and how its people lived. The implements, utensils, and devices people used in or out of their homes have been a major source of such evidence. The technological revolution did not leave Guyana or Guyanese behind and the fun loving gadgetry and comforts of the modern age is very much a part of life. Different eras of political history are frequently identified with royal dynasties, or great wars and revolutions. Eras in the history of art and architecture may be distinguished by styles such as Renaissance, Gothic, Impressionist or Surrealist, and so on. Techniques too have marked different eras over the centuries: from the primitive tools of the Stone Age, to the Industrial Age marked by steam and electrical power and the discovery of turbines, and engines. Today, we have entered a new era: the computer age.-The age of unlimited information, super highways of warped speed and communication which ‘Captain Kirk of the Star Ship Enterprise” would be proud of.

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