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OPINION: Private polling places: there should be none – by GHK Lall

Are we mad? How long has this been allowed to exist? And how come nobody saw it fit to object strenuously and ceaselessly? I am talking about this matter involving private polling stations, as in the residences of individuals and families. At current count, they have been unilaterally reduced from 166 in 2015 to 92 for the 2020 elections (“Carter Center did address the use of private polling stations in report”, Kaieteur News, February 25).

I think that other than for unavoidable circumstances, there should be none of these ticking weapons of mass national passions. I label them that because they facilitate the emergence of speculations and suspicions about trickeries and deceptions, and this applies whether the residence used is that of a PPP person or of one from the PNC; and when those hard positions take hold, then it is down the tubes for us, with the usual endless squabbling about who cheated whom, and who rearranged the voting situation to favor their group. Of course, it is inevitable, that matters would immediately assume a racial complexion and texture, which only adds the incendiary to an already bubbling toxic stew.      Continue reading

Guyana: Environmental Matters on Valentine’s Day – By Dave Martins

Guyana’s recent Valentine’s Day hoopla reminded me of my first encounter with my Valentine’s lady Annette Arjoon Martins, known to Guyanese for her conservationist work.  I had come to Guyana to be the guest speaker at the Tourism Hospitality Association of Guyana annual dinner at the Pegasus and ended up bowled over by another invitee to the function who was showing photographs of her trip through the Rupununi.

The photos were mostly of places I had heard of but never seen, and I was particularly impressed by the wide knowledge of the photographer and her very professional commentary. I enquired about her and that was the first time I heard the name Annette Arjoon.            Continue reading

Rio Carnival 2020 – in pictures – The Guardian UK

Brazil’s famed carnival kicked off in earnest on Saturday as millions of revellers poured into the streets, some of whom took aim at the nation’s deeply polarised politics. Most partiers, though, were dressed in distinctly apolitical garb, ranging from mermaid to cowboy costumes, suggesting that during carnival, Brazilians are focused on revelry first, and politics second.

Guyana’s oil at world class low breakeven price of $35/barrel – Hess

… Projected to fall further

(Feb 25, 2020  News)  Hess Corporation has revealed that the current breakeven price for Guyana’s oil is US$35 per barrel Brent, among the lowest in the world. This was revealed by the Chief Executive Officer, John Hess. (photo at right)

For those unaware, the breakeven price is the price at which the oil must be sold to cover the cost to produce it. Every additional dollar on the barrel would be the profit.

Kaieteur News had revealed in December that Guyana’s crude will be priced against North Sea Brent crude, a competitive set of crudes extracted from fields in the North Sea.            Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: Carter Centre did address use of private polling stations in report

… Advocated for voting in ‘neutral environment…free from intimidation’

GECOM Chair, Justice Claudette Singh (Photo at left), had said that the move was based on a recommendation from the Carter Centre.

The Private Sector Commission released a statement yesterday, speaking out against the reduction.

“The Private Sector Commission (PSC) takes extremely seriously the very real possibility that a significant number of voters may be disenfranchised by the changes made by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to a substantial number of polling places in a wide number of rural locations.”          Continue reading

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