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St. Joseph High School Alumni Association US Chapter – Mash Fete – Queens NY – February 21, 2020

A Mash Celebration for Guyana’s 50th Republic Anniversary

This is also a fundraiser for our 7th Triennial Reunion in 2021(USA).

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The Power of One: We are the Change we Seek! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

 —By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Can one person really make a difference? Can an individual change the world by doing good?

We hear the wonderful words of inspiration from some of the leading thinkers of our time. Many believe they can lift mountains if they put their minds to it. It is not rocket science to think that one person can change the world if that person applies him or herself to the task ahead.

Making a difference is about creating changes that will benefit others. There will be challenges but one should hold a firm course and not be distracted. Mahatma Gandhi has said that we must be the change that we want to see.

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USA Politics: The Choices We Make – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Posted on Three Worlds One Vision- ~ Guyana – Brazil – USA

Pen Scratch Verse 182 by American Artist Michael Caimbeul

February 5, 2020. This is the day that the United States Senate chose to acquit Republican President Donald Trump of the impeachment charges brought against him by the Democratic controlled House of Representatives. I found the evidence of his guilt compelling. Except for just one of its members, the majority Republican senators chose to stand firm behind their leader. The loyalty to their party is admirable. It’s a valuable commodity in our times of divisive politics. On the other hand, party loyalty doesn’t always align with the best interests of we the people. Ever since corporations gained personhood and began financing politicians, corporate interests have gained paramountcy.


BANKS DIH agrees; “Education is the Yardstick” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

 — by Francis Quamina Farrier

One of my all-time favourite Guyanese songs is, “Pass it On” by the late celebrated Guyanese singer/songwriter Eddie Hooper, who hails from Fyrish on the lower Corentyne Coast, Region 6, Berbice. With lyrics in that song which state, “Education is the Yardstick”, one can say that Eddie Hooper’s song which was composed over fifty years ago, is as timely, relevant and forerunner to the present focus by the Government of Guyana, on the importance of having a well-educated Nation. Equally, BANKS DIH Ltd., has been very focused on supporting aspects of Education over the decades.

One of the ways in which the Company has been “Putting it’s money where it’s mouth is”, as the saying goes, is to make tangible financial donations to worthy and deserving candidates, as well as schools in Guyana on an annual basis. Financial Contributions are also made out of season, so to speak.        

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Why Calypso and the Genius of Andrew Marcano… Lord Superior – by Dave Martins

By February 2, 2020

In the fifty-plus years since I started the Tradewinds band in Canada, I have been frequently asked about the direction of the group, which was a Caribbean band, formed in a Canadian city, but with a completely Caribbean focus. There were a number of factors in that decision – among them my own drive to succeed, a resolve that I perceive as coming mainly from my mother Zepherina Barcellos, who had a calm, low-key, but very determined streak in her that definitely rubbed off on me.  But on the purely musical side, my decision to give Tradewinds a distinct Caribbean focus, was based largely upon on my own love for this exhilarating Trinidad music I had come to know in Toronto from Trini friends living there.  

I liked music generally, but the ideas, the styles of presentation, the literary content, and, in particular, the fantastic imagination of those Trinidadian calypsonians…those things had come to captivate me completely. I had found something I wanted to turn my hand to by applying it to whatever was the composer gene existing in me.
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