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Guyana High Commission – London: 50th Republic Anniversary Dinner – February 22, 2020

Guyana Social Development Assoc. (GUSDA): Guyana’s 50th Anniversary Party: London UK: Feb 22. 2020

Guyana Diocesan Association (GDA): Celebrates Guyana’s 50th: London UK: February 11. 2020

Guyana: Telecoms Liberalisation: GTT’s complains about potential loss of revenues

  — Despite enjoying decades of massive profits…

Over the years, Kaieteur News has exposed the modus operandi of foreign companies—their Executives enter these shores and cut deals, which allow them to walk away with the lion’s share of the nation’s resources. This trend often contributes to the underdevelopment of country’s industries.

ATNI CEO, Michael Prior

In this special series, Kaieteur News will endeavour to show that the same has occurred with the Atlantic Tele-Networks Inc. (ATNI), the US-based company that owns GTT. Specifically, this newspaper will examine GTT’s monopoly and its effects on Guyana’s development.

All who wish to share in this constructive discourse are welcome.      Continue reading

OPINION: Regional Air Transport is being stifled and destroyed by Governments


Submitted by James C. “Jim” Lynch, Captain, retired to the Barbados Underground Blog

I already know that the worst among you will hit the delete key before you get halfway through this email. But if you do so, feel free to acknowledge to yourself that you truthfully don’t really give a pinhead of a damn about your own people, locally or regionally.

In Jamaica, aviation is growing, with one new airline in process and another (still confidential) about to launch.

But in the rest of the English-speaking Caribbean, including the Bahamas but especially in the eastern Caribbean, aviation has been stifled, restricted, actually attacked by the Civil Aviation Authorities and Departments and bound in red tape to the point where it is almost non-existent – all the while allowing foreign carriers and even private
pilots with illegal small aircraft to rape the local and regional carriers into bankruptcy.


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