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GUYANA: The Trinidad Connection and Guyana’s Local Content Act – by Ralph Ramkarran

 April 2, 2022- The Trinidad Connection

A robust debate has been triggered by Guyana’s Local Content Act (the Act) between Guyanese and Trinidad and Tobago business organisations, businesspeople and involving some Guyanese public officials. The debate has had little input from ordinary Guyanese citizens. For example, there has been few, if any, letters in the press from Guyanese expressing outrage against Trinidadians for any reason.

However, while the debate is limited to Trinidad’s business practices, trade policies and importance to Guyana as a Caricom member, there is a strong undercurrent in Guyana of resentment against what is believed to be Trinidad’s historically unflattering view of Guyanese due, it has always been believed, to Trinidad’s sense of its own superiority by virtue of its oil wealth as against Guyana’s relative poverty.            

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Guyana: Venezuela says will not participate in ICJ hearing on border dispute

INews –

Photo: Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge ArreazaWith little over a week to go before Guyana begins defending its border case against Venezuela’s illegal claims on Essequibo, the Spanish-speaking country has indicated that it will not be attending the June 30 International Court of Justice (ICJ) hearing on jurisdiction.

This was revealed by Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza, who shared a Venezuelan communique on his official social media account. In announcing this decision, the Minister explained why they would not be attending the meeting.    Continue reading

GUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 29- September 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 29- September 2015

  • Guyanese picket outside UN headquarters
  • UN – Guyana’s best hope for security re border dispute
  • Reverse the deals re Pradoville2
  • Drugs in Schools
  • Public Service Training
  • Product awareness
  • Sports

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President David Granger’s UN Address – 29 September 2015 – video

video – http://webtv.un.org/meetings-events/general-assembly/watch/guyana-general-debate-70th-session/4517773205001

President David Granger’s UN Address –  29 September 2015

President David Granger delivered Guyana’s Address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York today, September 29, 2015

The entire address focused on the border issue with Venezuela and the latter’s baseless and avaricious claim to 5/8 of Guyana…Essequibo. It was a focused, definitive, declaratory and a brilliant submission. To read the transcript of his speech … click on the link below.  A UN Report on the Speech also follows: Continue reading

Venezuela’s relations with Guyana – commentary

Venezuela’s relations with Guyana

Guyana -Venezuela - Disputed territoryMARCH 8, 2015 · BY Stabroek News – Editorial

The week before last Takuba Lodge issued a press release stating that Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez of Venezuela had raised an objection with the Country Manager of Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Ltd about the dispatch of an oil rig from Louisiana to an exploratory concession granted by the Government of Guyana.

The site identified for the drilling is called Liza, which is located off the coast of Demerara within the Stabroek Block. Needless to say, it is situated well within Guyana’s waters, and while Venezuela’s spurious claim to this country’s land space has never encompassed territory east of the Essequibo River, the Stabroek Block does extend into offshore Essequibo. The implications of this, one supposes, is the primary reason for Venezuela’s objection.

The latest protest from our western neighbour follows an ingrained pattern whereby it has attempted to thwart any major development on land or sea in Essequibo over the past few decades, be it a hydroelectric project, a spaceport, or an exploratory concession for oil.   Continue reading

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