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GUYANA: Sugar: “Enmore Packaging Plant moving to Berbice” – President Ali

“We are not selling the Enmore Packaging Plant, we just moving it to Berbice” – President Ali

U.S.A. — Florida’s U.S. senators do little for state in the culture war – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Florida’s 2 U.S. senators do little for state as they embrace the culture war


Florida’s two U.S. senators, both Republicans, are not known for doing anything in Washington to advance the interests of the state but a lot to push their careers. That became even more evident after last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando.

Marco Rubio invoked the specter of Cuba and Marxism and the attendant “tyranny” which he claimed hangs over the nation courtesy of the Democratic Party. He said that Fidel Castro did not broadcast the fact that he was a Marxist in his early rise to power, adding, according to The Miami Herald, “That’s why the people I live among in the neighborhood I’ve lived in my entire life, you see the fury and desperation in their voice, because imagine you once lived in a country you had to flee because schools were telling your kids God didn’t exist, turn your parents in if they say something against the revolution … and some of the same things seem to be happening again.”      Continue reading

EUROPE: When the United Nations has to step up – By Francis Quamina Farrier  

 By Francis Quamina Farrier  

Indeed, there are those times when the United Nations (UN) has to step up and full-fill one of its mandates. Since the UN acts as a mediator between countries which commence armed conflict with each other, its role in world affairs is of vital importance. With that role also comes much respect by member countries.

This article will now take a look at the recent unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Ukraine has been a sovereign nation since 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union of which it was a part along with 14 other (now independent) countries.        Continue reading

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