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EUROPE: Can Ukrainian Freedom Fighters Stand Up to the Russian Military? History Suggests They Can- Opinion

Most successful underdog groups have three things in common, and Ukraine has all of them—including women in the fight.

By Sebastian Junger | Vanity Fair

ON PAPER, RUSSIA’S QUEST TO OCCUPY UKRAINE LOOKS LIKE A FOREGONE CONCLUSION. With about four and a half times as many soldiers, five times as many tanks and armored vehicles, and 10 times as many military aircraft, common sense tells us that Ukraine does not stand a chance.


From street-corner fistfights to insurgencies and wars, size is a terrible predictor for the outcome of human conflict. We are unique among mammals in our ability to defeat a larger, more powerful opponent; were this not so, the world would be composed of fascist mega-states and human freedom would not be possible. We readily risk our lives to defend others, as combat narratives for Medal of Honor recipients make abundantly clear. The smaller the group, the more stubbornly loyal members are to one another, and the harder — and costlier — they are to defeat.              Continue reading

NEW YORK: Hundreds of excluded workers shut down Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges

Hundreds of excluded workers march for improve benefits on Brooklyn Bridge.
Hundreds of excluded workers and elected representatives came together on Tuesday March 08, in massive marches over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges to raise the heat for an additional $3 billion for the Excluded Workers Fund in the State budget and a permanent program dubbed “Excluded No More” to provide compensation to workers who have lost a job or income and are ineligible for unemployment insurance.

Workers in helmets, vests, cleaning supplies and other work tools linked arms to shut down the bridges as the deadline approaches for the State Senate and Assembly to release their one-house budgets.            Continue reading

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