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GUYANA: MHT Conversation Series: Will Oil Fuel Conflict In Guyana? – VIRTUAL – March 19, 2022

You are warmly invited to attend our first Moray House Trust Conversation for 2022.
In the forthcoming series we invite academics to discuss a paper they have published.

Title:              Will Oil Fuel Conflict in Guyana?

Date:             Saturday 19th March 2022

Time:             3.30 PM Guyana/New York/Toronto
                       7.30 PM London

Platforms:    ZOOM and FACEBOOK     
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UK: Guyana-born poet Grace Nichols honoured by the Queen Elizabeth II

Guyana Chronicle – 

Queen Elizabeth II meets Grace Nichols at Windsor Castle (Photo credited to The Royal Family facebook page).

Queen Elizabeth II meets Grace Nichols at Windsor Castle (Photo credited to The Royal Family facebook page).
GUYANA-BORN poet, Grace Nichols was honoured today by Queen Elizabeth II as she was presented with the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry 2021 at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.
According to the the royal website in December 2021 when the award was first announced: “The Gold Medal for Poetry was established by King George V in 1933 at the suggestion of the then Poet Laureate, John Masefield, and is awarded for excellence in poetry.        Continue reading

UKRAINE: 50 Beautiful Pics Of Ukraine That Are Heartbreaking To See Right Now

50 Beautiful Pics Of Ukraine —

Akvile Petraityte and Ieva Gailiūtė | Bored Panda 

Ukraine, a democracy of 44 million people, continues to experience a devastating attack. As the world uneasily watches the ongoing Russian invasion, people and nations are uniting like never before, sending support and condemning this unjustified war.

Sitting in the heart of Europe, Ukraine celebrated its 30 years of independence last year. While it may seem like a young state, it has a thousand-year history. Throughout this period, it has formed a powerful and resilient nation. Citizens there developed a strong sense of national identity, showing devotion and love to its culture, traditions, architecture, communities, and beyond.      Continue reading

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