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VIDEO: Take a Break– Listen to the Birds – Enjoy each day!!

We are living in stressful and uncertain times…. Take a break and “Listen to the Birds!” .. Enjoy!!!

GUYANA: Oil and Gas Jamboree – The GHK Lall Column

Encouraging Events, Disturbing Developments…

GHK Lall

  By GHK Lall

Feb 20, 2022- Kaieteur News – The disturbing came to Guyana. Real people to talk seriously about oil that is now real for Guyana. The only thing real about our oil is that it is out there under the seabed. Exxon’s Southern contingent visited its prime plantation, surveyed the minions it has in place for local leaders, and had to be happy. It was all happy talk – for them, and their enthralled listeners.

Rich opportunities for local businesses and local content which must line up and bow down to ride the wave of oil prosperity. It is a towering one. But here is the crux and the catch; for them only. That is, ExxonMobil, Hess, the Chinese, and the lesser oil fry, such as Tullow and Repsol (read about oil spill in Peru, Guyanese), plus the domestic predators – political, commercial, civil, social, spiritual- those Guyanese snakes pretending as saviours.          Continue reading

EUROPE: Putin Doesn’t Have An Endgame for Ukraine- But We Do – Opinion

By: Lucian K. Truscott IV

When orders over 150,000 troops and tanks and howitzers and missile launchers to cross another country’s borders and attack its capital and other major cities and kill its civilian citizenry after accusing them of being “Nazis” and committing “genocide”, the question quickly becomes, where is this madman going to stop?

Hitler wasn’t satisfied when he took Austria in 1938. He wasn’t satisfied when he demanded and got the Sudetenland a few months later. He didn’t stop when he took Poland in 1939. What will satisfy the angry, resentful, aggrieved “president” of Russia? Where will he stop? What is his endgame, to use the modern word?                Continue reading

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