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WORLD: Ukraine is the hapless proxy victim of Russia-NATO geopolitical rivalry – By Mohamed Hamaludin


Nothing can justify the loss of lives, injuries and destruction of property and infrastructure which Russia is inflicting on Ukraine. It is difficult to grasp the fact that this mighty army can be wreaking such havoc and forcing millions to flee to neighboring countries just because it can. And there is not much other nations can do to retaliate in support of Ukraine, apart from imposing economic sanctions against the aggressor, because Russia is already rattling its nuclear saber.

Russia’s autocratic leader Vladimir Putin does not care about world opinion and the toll which the sanctions are taking on his country’s economy. He is obviously driven by geopolitics, the primary determinant for relations among nations going back to at least the invasion and occupation of small states by powerful ones sometimes thousands of miles away during the days of “colonialism.”

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SHORT STORY: Boysie and Crapaud at Coney Island – By Geoff Burrowes

 By Geoff Burrowes

Boysie was tall and thin. He still managed to be very attractive to the girls he met, in spite of having a stumbling knock knee and a pronounced parrot toe. He was also freakishly good at sports, always captaining and winning the games of cricket and football that broke out on nearby Bourda Green. There was no one his equal on the  ping pong table at St Barnabas Church and as far as the tawa game they played under the tall owra tree, with owra seeds he had no match.

UYANESE oNLINEHis good buddy Crapaud was as short as Boysie was tall. and instead of being thin he was corpulent. He had “short foot” so he had to almost skip to keep up with Boysie when they were out walking. He was an absolute klutz when it came to sport of any kind but Boysie and the”gang” loved having him around because he was clever, side-splittingly funny and it didn’t pay to tan’lize him as by the time your shot hit home he would “pelt a shot” twice as insulting and four times as funny.          Continue reading

New videos bring back vivid memories of ‘Lang Time’ in Guyana – By Lear Matthews

Guyanese Online


lear-matthews-logoBy Lear Matthews

Toffie balls, neverdone sweetie, bruk mout, Chinee cake, fish an’ bread at Mahaicony train station, M.V. Malali…Putagee Tunus, lass lick, Cutex, Kings ground, joiner, de madame, Dem boys fass bad!

These are some of the themes in the two culturally appealing videos focusing on parlance, people and places in Guyana released by Guyanese brothers T. Eric Matthews and Lear Matthews. The recordings bring back some vivid memories of the homeland. The videos entitled, Dis Time Nah Lang Time and Cavalcade of Sport – The Race, have received positive reviews and “likes” from a number of viewers in the Diaspora and at home.    

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