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GUYANA: St. Stanislaus College Alumni – Spring Dance – Toronto – Saturday April 23. 2022

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Guyana’s 56th Independence Gala Dinner – Toronto – Saturday May 7. 2022

GUYANA: PNCR calls for subsidies for basic food items; more money for needy

PNCR Leader Aubrey Norton

The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) on Tuesday recommended that government pumps some of the GY$5 billion into subsidising some consumer items and dole out additional cash to low-income earners and public assistance recipients.

“We call for the $5 billion Guyana dollars that have been set aside for cost-of-living adjustments in budget 2022 to be immediately put to use in order to shield citizens from these increases in the price of flour and other basic food items.” PNCR Leader Aubrey Norton told a news conference. At the same time, he noted that the GY$5 billion was 0.9 percent of the GY$552 billion,          Continue reading

WORLD: “These Are Scary Times,” How Ukraine Will Fast Track the Great Reset | Stansberry Research – Video

“These Are Scary Times,” How Ukraine Will Fast Track the Great Reset | Stansberry Research

“We have a war between the East and the West with sanctions to punish Russia,” says Willem Middelkoop, CDF founder and best-selling author. “The U.S. invested a lot of money to have this [Ukrainian] revolution in 2014, and Europe has the pain of this crisis,” he tells our Daniela Cambone. Currently, “there is a lot at stake for the U.S.,” in this conflict says Middelkoop. “Once Saudi Arabia, Russia and China agree on a new oil trading system, then things get very interesting very rapidly,” he says.

Cambone discusses Biden’s most recent executive order on cryptocurrencies, where Middelkoop says that, “this executive order was the first confirmation that [the U.S.] will roll out the digital dollar in the next few years,” continuing on to say it will have huge repercussions. “Authorities will love it because they will have control over their people and can follow each and every payment,” he concludes.

Willem Middelkoop – BOOK:  The Big Reset – download 

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