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HAITI needs more than a replacement for Moise to succeed as a nation – By Mohamed Hamaludin

HAITI: – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Haiti has had 45 leaders since independence in 1804. Twenty-three were overthrown, two were assassinated, one committed suicide and another was executed. Seven died in office and fewer than a dozen completed a full and uninterrupted term in office as interim leader or elected president, The Los Angeles Times’ Ann M. Simmons reported in 2016.

It was not until 1991, 187 years later, that Jean-Baptiste Aristide became the first democratically elected president. And he was twice ousted from office. Other leaders emerged, among them Jovenel Moise, assassinated in his home before dawn on July 7 in “a well-orchestrated commando attack,” the ambassador to Washington, Bocchit Edmond, told The Guardian. “It’s an attack on our democracy.”      Continue reading

FINANCE: Why China wants to undermine bitcoin – Currency and control – Opinion

Beijing’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies has captured headlines, while behind the scenes its reserve bank set up its own digital currency

Thu 8 Jul 2021 20.38 EDT – THE GUARDIAN. UK

Few would dispute that China’s recent crackdown on cryptocurrency trading and mining has contributed to the recent plunge in the value of bitcoin and other cryptos.

But while the argument rages about whether the volatility of cryptos is a sign of fundamental weakness or merely a bump along the road, the initiatives coming out of Beijing are being seen by experts as a sign of China’s attempts to incubate its own fledgling e-currency and reboot the international financial system.          Continue reading

MEDICAL: Does it make sense to vaccinate those who have had covid-19?

vaccination –  13 July 2021- by Sebastian Rushworth, M.D.

One of the strangest things about the last few months on planet Earth has been the relentless drive to vaccinate everyone, regardless of what their individual risk from the virus is, and whether or not they’ve already had the disease. It was well known long before covid came along that people who have had an infection are usually at least as well protected as those who get vaccinated.            Continue reading

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