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🔴LIVE RADIO | West Indies v Australia | 2nd CG Insurance ODI – Jul 24. 2021

🔴LIVE RADIO | West Indies v Australia | 2nd CG Insurance ODI

SCOREBOARD and DETAILS from ESPNCricinfo.com


“Sweet Drink”: The Demerara Ice House – The Original DIH – By Vibert Cambridge

– By Vibert Cambridge

Wieting and Richter Ice Factory and Cold Storage (Photo by Orlando Charles)

One of the consequences of the increased attention to British Guiana as a place to “try one’s luck” was a shortage of hotel and recreational facilities in Georgetown. The Demerara Ice House was opened in 1846 in response to this demand. This building at the corner of Brickdam and Water Street is said to have been designed by Maltese architect Caesar Castellani, who is also credited with the designs of many iconic local structures, including the “towers of the Brick Dam Police Station,” the Palms, and Castellani House, Guyana’s National Gallery of Art.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Morning ride and black coffee – Short Story by Geoff Burrowes


Fo’ day mornin’ is when life starts on a ranch. By the time this story starts we had milked the cows, had breakfast,  saddled up and ridden out into the savannah.  We were some distance from the ranch (Dadanawa Ranch, Rupununi), the Takatu mountains were grey-blue on the horizon and  and  directly in front of us was a hollow choked with bush out of which we were going to round up cattle who had managed to avoid previous roundups.

In my innocence I didn’t realize that this made the cattle different from those I had worked with before. My first realization was when the cow I had startled didn’t run at the sight of this terrifying vacquero (cowboy) but pawed the ground and lowered its head and eyed me and my valiant steed threatingly, head lowered its head swung its wide sweep of horns from side to side.      Continue reading


The extremes of floods and fires are not going away, but adaptation can lessen their impact 

The Economist

In 1745, as the River Liffey, having broken its banks, clawed at the foundations of the house in which he sat, the young Edmund Burke experienced a strange, perverse thrill. The man who would go on to found modern conservatism drew inspiration from this experience in a later essay on the sublime, writing of the unmatched delight that terrible destruction could stir — provided that it is watched from a certain distance.

The most terrible thing about the spectacular scenes of destruction that have played out around the world over the past weeks is that there is no safe place from which to observe them.        Continue reading

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