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BOOK: ZOOM Event: Guyana’s Political History 1838 -1964 — Dr. Kimani Nehusi – July 25. 2021

ZOOM: https://mcmaster.zoom.us/j/94682175817

USA: To Trump’s Hard-Core Supporter; His Rallies Weren’t Politics. They Were Life.

What 2020 looked like from the front row on the campaign trail

Michael C. Bender | The Washington Post

Donald Trump soaked in the adoration as he commanded a rally stage inside a massive central Florida arena. I stewed in my seat and stopped taking notes.

It was the third summer of Trump’s presidency, and the event had been billed as the official kickoff of his re-election campaign. What unfolded, however, was effectively the same rally I’d already covered at least 50 times since 2016 as a White House and political reporter for the Wall Street Journal.          Continue reading

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