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GUYANA: ‘Because we care’ child cash grant – By Mosa Telford

The government of Guyana through the Ministry of Education has begun to distribute the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant to every child in the public school system. Each child will receive a grant of $15,000 and school uniform and supplies grant of $4,000 making it a total of $19,000. The government has promised that within the next five years the grant will be increased to $50,000. Within the next five years $50,000 might be of equal or less value than what $19,000 is now.

Instead of only an annual cash grant to assist parents, ‘Because We Care’ should be about a comprehensive approach to solving the issues that affect Guyanese children. It should be about every Guyanese child having access to the same learning opportunities and a balanced education that would allow them to explore their natural abilities.      Continue reading

VIDEO: Watch “Farrakhan visits Haiti to deliver powerful message!” – in 2011

VIDEO: Watch “Farrakhan visits Haiti to deliver powerful message!” – in 2011

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan visited the island of Haiti in 2011 to deliver a message to the people!

Tokyo Olympics: How quiet rebel Naomi Osaka is changing Japan

By Mike Henson BBC Sport – 

Naomi Osaka
Osaka will make her return to tennis after two months out at the Olympics

Naomi Osaka tells a story.

It is from Florida, where the world’s best young tennis players congregate and compete.

Preparing within earshot of her Japanese opponent, Osaka overheard her conversation.

“She was talking with another Japanese girl,” Osaka told the Wall Street Journal. 

“And they didn’t know that I was listening or that I spoke Japanese.            Continue reading

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