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VIDEO: How to Have Mental Clarity in an Unclear World – Russell Brand

VIDEO: How to Have Mental Clarity in an Unclear World – Russell Brand

After Skool Video – July 20, 2021

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, writer, and activist. Brand has become known as a public activist and campaigner, and has spoken on a wide range of political and cultural issues, including wealth inequality, addiction, corporate capitalism, meditation, spirituality, mental health, the mainstream media and corruption. 

OPINION: Guyana should adopt a natural resources fund that mirrors Norway

Arthur Deakin

By Arthur Deakin – OilNOW

Historically, countries that discover large amounts of natural resources, such as oil or gold, tend to create a Sovereign Wealth Fund to manage their newfound wealth. Guyana, which recently discovered 9 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, is following that same path.

The structure of this new fund, known locally as the Natural Resources Fund (NRF), will fundamentally impact how effectively the country spends and saves its oil monies.

READ MORE https://oilnow.gy/featured/guyana-should-adopt-a-natural-resources-fund-that-mirrors-norway-not-kazakhstan/

Commentary: My Walkabout in “Little Guyana”- by Francis Quamina Farrier

This article is about my recent two-hour walkabout in “Little Guyana” which is located in Queens, New York City. First, let me turn back the clock over half a century to my first visit to New York City, which was in 1969. I did not arrive in New York by the route normally taken by tens of thousands of Guyanese over the decades; which is by a flight from Timehri to New York. That first arrival of mine to the Big Apple, was by aircraft from Toronto, Canada.

A Guyanese business establishment on Liberty Avenue in “Little Guyana” New York city.(Photo by Francis Q. Farrier)

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