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Two cases of struggles in Guyana without racial conflict – Eusi Kwayana

Letter: Two cases of struggles in Guyana without racial conflict – Eusi Kwayana

There has not been much examination in public of the legal framework surrounding the events of July 18, 2012 in Linden, Guyana, and no discussion whatever of what happened on the 12th and 15th of August 2012. I am glad I did not grow up in such a dumbed down atmosphere.  My mother’s male and female school mates would have been visiting her, arguing, and chewing out the rightness and wrongness of the events, even and straight, as we say, with the lawyers, the editors, and the Commission and the readers. Mr Byron Lewis and Mr Yankee Jervis would have been at shop galleries and street corners questioning the mishandling of things.

This was the atmosphere when the five workers were martyred at Enmore in 1948. Few households on the East Coast went to bed normally that night. Those were the days of Jagan in all his glory, before the PPP. Continue reading

West Coast Demerara upgraded road project – 100,000+ to benefit

More than 100,000 to benefit from West Coast Demerara upgraded road project

February 25, 2012 – Capitol News – Over one hundred thousand persons are expected to benefit from an upgraded road project from Vreed-en-Hoop to Hydronie on the West Coast of Demerara. This is one of two agreements the Guyana Government and the Caribbean Development Bank inked on Monday February 25th.

The other project is part of the Bank’s Basic Need Trust Fund (BNTF) Programme and will fund projects in education, infrastructure and the water sectors.    Continue reading

Mash 2013: Veteran calypsonian condemns NCN ban on calypso songs – video

Veteran calypsonian condemns move by NCN to ban 2013 calypso songs

February 25th 2013 – Capitol News – Veteran calypsonian and former Monarch Geoffrey Phillips also known as the “Mighty Rebel” has condemned the move by the management of state-owned National Communication Network, NCN to ban the songs of the 2013 calypso competition.

According to Phillips, this development has wider implications for the freedom of expression in Guyana.

The Veteran calypsonian said the scripts were vetted and were approved by officials from the Culture Ministry so he’s still at a loss as to the rationale behind the ban.      Continue reading

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