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Brazil: Teaching my sons to cook – Rosaliene Bacchus

Another interesting Blog entry from Rosaliene… this time it is quite “tasty”… Enjoy!!

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Baiao de Dois - Typical Food of Ceara - Brazil

Baião de Dois – Rice with Beans and Cheese

Typical Food of Ceará – Northeast Brazil

Source: viajeaqui.abril.com.br


My sons were eleven and thirteen years of age when a medical examination revealed that my severe back pain was the result of a herniated disk – peril of a sedentary working life coupled with lack of physical exercise, according to my doctor.  The treatment prescribed by the neurosurgeon I consulted seemed worse than the pain that caused me to walk with a limp. Complete bed rest for fifteen days. Flat on my back with a pillow under my knees. I could only get up to use the toilet. He allowed me up to five days to make arrangements at work and at home for my hibernation.

At the time, I had two assistants working with me in the Import Department at Ceará Importers.* One of them, fluent in English…

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Eating a ‘lil Garlic Pork by Cynthia Nelson

Eating a ‘lil Garlic Pork

Posted By Cynthia Nelson On February 2, 2013 – In Tastes Like Home,The Scene | 

20130202cynthiaHi Everyone,  A little over two weeks ago when I shared my Holiday Bits, with you, I mentioned that I did not make any garlic pork for Christmas. Well, shortly after writing the column I could think of nothing else but eating garlic pork. A full week later, I opened the glass jar in which the Garlic Pork was curing and inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with the heady aroma of garlic and thyme.

I had the first eating all planned. I got up early the morning and made fresh artisan homemade bread. Sliced up some cucumbers and tomatoes, bought fresh from the market the same day, and tore large swatches of crisp, leafy green lettuce. I pan-fried the garlic pork, cooked 2 eggs sunny side up, stilly runny. A big mug of bay leaf and lemongrass tea completed the meal. I lingered long and leisurely over my breakfast. I was in food heaven.   [read more]

Living with LIAT by Dave Martins

Living with LIAT

Posted By Dave Martins On February 3, 2013. In So It Go | 

so-it-go2-336x136In just a few months from now, the regional airline LIAT will begin using the expanded facilities at Ogle Airport ferrying passengers to and from the Caribbean. This development, a step up for the travelling public, leads me to recall the 1970s when Tradewinds were often on LIAT planes criss-crossing the region to play in virtually every island in the Eastern Caribbean from the BVI to Grenada.  (We even played in Bequia, where LIAT didn’t go, but that’s another tale for another time.)

Airline travel today has its own aggravations, but moving inter-island in those early years made for some unusual encounters.  LIAT’s operation control then was in Antigua with information going out to the other airports, and reservation problems could arise as a result.  Continue reading

Georgetown: Restoration – commentary


Posted By Staff Writer On February 3, 2013 –  Editorial | 

The news that Mayor Hamilton Green had convened a meeting attended, among others, by some well-known engineers, not to mention Eddy Grant, on how to go about restoring City Hall was certainly uplifting to the spirits of all citizens who have the material heritage of Georgetown at heart. A decision came out of it on how to proceed, which would have given residents a glimmer of hope that Ignatius Scoles’ stately structure may yet not suffer the same fate as the New Amsterdam Hospital.

The only reservation, if such it could be called, was the fact that no senior representative of government was in attendance, although that would be of little account provided that they are prepared to work with the city council and with the special technical team which is being proposed. The National Trust, however, was present, and they are of course a critical agency in their own right.    Continue reading

Health Ministry donates wheelchairs to Periwinkle Cancer Club

Health Ministry donates wheelchairs to Periwinkle Cancer Club

JANUARY 25, 2013 · BY  ·  COMMENTS

One of the wheelchairs handed over to the Periwinkle Cancer Club (GINA photo)The Ministry of Health has provided two wheelchairs to the Periwinkle Cancer Club, a release from the Government Information Agency said on January 24th 2013.

The handing over ceremony took place on Wednesday in the compound of the Ministry of Health on Brickdam.

At right, One of the wheelchairs handed over to the Periwinkle Cancer Club (GINA photo)  Continue reading

Indian Gov’t urged to support its Diaspora for cultural preservation

Minister Persaud urges Indian Gov’t to give more support to its Diaspora for cultural preservation

FEBRUARY 2, 2013 BY 

Minister Persaud urges Indian Gov’t to give more support to its Diaspora for cultural preservation – at launch of IAC 2013 events

Georgetown, GINA, February 2, 2013

Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Robert Persaud has urged the Indian Government to play a much more substantial role in supporting the preservation of the Indian culture in the Indian Diasporas.

The Minister was at the time speaking at an Evening of Music hosted on Friday by the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) at the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC), Bel Air, Georgetown.   Continue reading

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