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Delta pull out not due to baggage search of former president – Ramotar

Delta blamed for search of former President Jagdeo’s luggage

President denies Delta pull out due to baggage search of former president

Delta pulls out of Guyana

Delta pulls out of Guyana

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Monday February 18, 2013 – The Guyana government has dismissed suggestions that the US-based airline, Delta Airlines was forced out of the country because former president Bharrat Jagdeo was subjected to baggage checks by the airline.

President Donald Ramotar said that no time did his administration moved to have Delta out of Guyana, but rather would like the airline to continue operating the Georgetown- New York route.    Continue reading

GCA Memorial Service for outstanding Guyanese Literary and Cultural Icons – February 24, 2013 – NYC

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Useful Dog Tricks 3 performed by Jesse – funny

Useful Dog Tricks 3 performed by Jesse

Published on Aug 3, 2012.  Presenting, Useful Dog Tricks 3!! Whoever said tricks can’t be useful?

Jesse’s back, and this time he tackles chores that most humans wouldn’t find enjoyable; complete with his award-winning smile. He also finds new ways to help out around the house; including vacuuming, dusting, cleaning up puddles, as well as being a well-rounded member of the community by helping clean up garbage at our local park.
All taught with positive reinforcement
Can’t get enough Jesse? Head on over to his Official Website:

BBC – Lost Kingdoms Of Africa – Ethiopia – videos

African History Month – February

Lost Kingdoms Of Africa – Ethiopia pt 1 of 6

Lost Kingdoms of Africa – Ethiopia pt 2-6

Ethiopia -2   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfvEZPWAGqM

Ethiopia -3    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkEvbZZ1FuU

Ethiopia 4 –   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hbZNMzXIas

Ethiopia 5 –   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJK_6dkCEcU

Ethiopia 6 –   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FIcRnErEzU

Ethiopia, An African Triumph

The Ethiopian Empire

The Ethiopian Empire (Amharic: የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥተ, Mängəstä Ityop’p’ya) also known as Abyssinia, covered a geographical area that the present-day northern half of Ethiopia and Eritrea covers. It existed from approximately 1137 (beginning of Zagwe Dynasty) until 1975 when the monarchy was overthrown in acoup d’etat.

Following the British occupation of Egypt in 1882, it was the only African nation together with Liberia to remain independent during the Scramble for Africa by the European imperial powers in the late 19th century.

Aksumite Ethiopia                  Continue reading

BBC – Kingdoms of Africa – Great Zimbabwe – video

African History Month – February

BBC – Kingdoms of Africa – Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is a ruined city in the rugged south-eastern hills ofZimbabwe near Lake Mutirikwe and the town of Masvingo, close to the Chimanimani Mountains and the Chimanimani District. The majority of scholars believe that it was built by members of the Gokomere culture, but there are others who believe there is a possibility that the ancestors of the Lemba were responsible. The site is not far from the country’s border with Mozambique, which is located in the southeast of the African continent.       Continue reading

My First Love: A Seminarian in a Fallible Church – Rosaliene Bacchus

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Three Worlds One Vision

Newly-ordained Catholic priest - Georgetown - Guyana - August 2010Guyana gets new priest after 15 years – August 2010

Source: http://www.catholicnews-tt.net


At thirteen years of age, I fell under the spell of a handsome seminarian. David Johnson (fictitious name), our landlord’s nineteen-year-old son, returned home on a month-long holiday from the Benedictine seminary in Trinidad. He captivated our young group of siblings and friends with Bible stories and spoke to us about treating each other with kindness and being respectful and obedient to our elders. On Sunday mornings, he took us to Mass at our parish church. Following his example, I became a devout Christian and began attending daily morning Mass.

When I blossomed into a fifteen-year-old, my admiration for the seminarian evolved into infatuation. I was in heaven the morning he took me to Church on his bicycle. Seated on the middle bar, his arms encircled me. Before Mass, while I sat in the pew, he knelt…

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Andre Rieu and 3 year old violist Akim Camara -2005 – video

 Andre Rieu and 3 year old violist Akim Camara -2005

Andre Rieu introduces 3yr old violinist, Akim Camara, during his ‘Flying Dutchman Concert’ at Parkstad Stadium in the Nederlands (2005).  Akim (born 27 October 2001 in Berlin-Marzahn), plays Concerto G Major op.11 with the Johan Strauss Orchestra.


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