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Budget 2013: Pres. Ramotar outlines Government’s priorities – video

Pres. Ramotar speaks about his Government’s priorities – 2013 budget

Capitol News: February 11, 2013 – While the Government and the opposition are meeting to discuss plans and programmes for the upcoming budget, President Donald Ramotar has been shedding some light on how he thinks his administration can improve the quality of life for all Guyanese. The President said the focus will be on a labour market cleaning house, introducing University of Guyana degree programs online, and opening of a young professional’s housing scheme, among others.

He said his Government would also revamp the sugar industry.

But while the President is saying all of this, the opposition wants to see the cost of living go down. The opposition is also looking at accountability.

Budget 2013: Opposition frustrated with Gov’t consultations – video

Opposition continues to express frustration with the efforts of the Government to hold meaningful consultations

Capitol News – February 11, 2013: The main opposition party A Partnership For National Unity, APNU, believes that the 2013 budget is in an advanced stage, despite budgetary talks with the opposition parties. The Budget is schedule to be presented by March 30 to the National Assembly.

Opposition Leader David Granger said efforts to have a collective input from the parliamentary parties, the APNU and the AFC seem to be heading down hill.   Continue reading

Marriott construction: cost objections, lack of Guyanese workers- video

Government presses on with Marriott construction despite cost objections, lack of Guyanese workers

Capitol News- February 11, 2013 –

At the site of the Marriott Hotel today, two protectors  and they hope others would join them soon.  They were protesting the fact that no Guyanese workers are being used in the construction of the hotel.

The construction of the Marriott-branded hotel is so far being funded by Guyanese taxpayers. The Government has said that it is in advanced discussions with investors.   Continue reading

Delta Airlines to discontinue its service out of Guyana – video

Delta Airlines to discontinue its service out of Guyana

Capitol News -January 11, 2013: Guyanese passengers travelling to and from New York’s international JFK, will now have limited options to choose from, as Delta Airlines plan to clip the wings on its Guyana Route.

Capitol News understands that Delta is expected to make a formal announcement shortly indicating that after May 6th, passengers would be unable to travel on the US Carrier for non-stop service from Georgetown to New York.   Continue reading

Take back your city with paint – Edi Rama: mayor of Tirana, Albania


Edi Rama: Take back your city with paint

From 2000 to 2011 Edi Rama was the mayor of Tirana, where he implemented a series of reforms to take back the city for the people.

Make a city beautiful, curb corruption. Edi Rama took this deceptively simple path as mayor of Tirana, Albania, where he instilled pride in his citizens by transforming public spaces with colorful designs. With projects that put the people first, Rama decreased crime — and showed his citizens they could have faith in their leaders. (Filmed at TEDxThessaloniki.)

From 2000 to 2011 Edi Rama was the mayor of Tirana, where he implemented a series of reforms to take back the city for the people. Full bio 

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