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DNA – The Search For Scientific Adam – National Geographic – video

The Search For Scientific Adam

DNA – The Search For Scientific Adam – National Geographic documentary

New DNA studies suggest that all humans descended from a single African ancestor who lived some 60,000 years ago. To uncover the paths that lead from him to every living human, the National Geographic Society launched the Genographic Project, headed by Spencer Wells.

This study will combine population genetics and molecular biology to trace the migration of humans from the time we first left Africa, 50,000 to 60,000 years ago, to the places where we live today.             Continue reading

The Black Chinese: DNA test… Case Closed – 2 videos

UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: The Black Chinese: DNA test… Case Closed

Uploaded on Apr 14, 2010  [Note: Video#2 follows this information]

Ancient Black Chinese From East Africa — (by PROFESSOR JIN LI – Fudan University Shanghai)

An international study has found that the Chinese people originated not from Peking Man in northern China, but from early humans in East Africa who moved through South Asia to China some 100,000 years ago, Hong Kongs Ming Pao daily reported yesterday in a finding that confirms the single origin theory in anthropology.

According to the newspaper, a research team led by Jin Li (of Fudan University in Shanghai has found that modern humans evolved from a single origin, not multiple origins as some experts believe.   Continue reading

When Black Ruled The World – video

Black History month – February

Black When Black Ruled The World

Comment re this video on YouTube:

By David Sha 1 week ago:  What about this film is racist? I honestly didn’t hear one disparaging remark about any other “race”. Racism is a form of prejudice from one group to another based entirely on race. It’s one group saying that they are better than the other based entirely on skin color. It’s one group subjugating the other based on race. This film was merely stating facts based on scientific evidence and archaeological findings. Many of the archaeologists were white. Were they racists against their own?

Scientific Racism: The Eugenics of Social Darwinism

Black History Month – February

Scientific Racism: The Eugenics of Social Darwinism

This video is for educational purposes. The information has been hidden for many years and it is very important to bear witness to.


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